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Just arrived, a Super 1977 400 Cordoba!

Nice buy! Glad to see another Hot Rod Dobie on here. I'd go with the 440 later on. I drove mine for 3 years with the 400 in it and loved it. I drove it to the Nats 2 times and a trip to Dublin Ohio for a show. Drove it last year to the Nats with the 440 and 3.91 gears and the exhaust drone made my ears bleed. Mine rides and drives like a dream though. Have fun with yours.
Nice ride! I remember those cars well. I wanted to buy one new but it was a little beyond my reach financially at the time. (I bought a 1977 Plymouth Arrow GT instead) I frankly don't recall Chrysler marketing this car as a "Road Runner" though. Was that a legitimate model for the 1977 Cordoba?
I'm the third owner of the car, and the original owner is still alive and well I'm told. he Insists the dealer added the Decals. It was in for some hail repair way back in time, and the Dealer is said to have installed the Decals. For whatever reason they did it, I'm ok with it! It gives the color a nice contrast. They appear to be quite old, so as to when it was done I can say it was a long time ago.
Here is a picture or two with the American Racing 15x7 wheels.The car sure drive Better!

It was 70 degrees yesterday, so it was time for spring baths at the Orphanage,,,,, I hope you enjoy the Pictures!


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WOWee WOW!!we-are-not-worthy.gif

I wish I had your problem; deciding which MoPar to use every day. And what's up with that sweet unmolested 1969 Dodge Coronet 440 2-door? It hasn't been turned into a Super Bee clone yet? I'm wiping drool off my key board even now. DROOOOOOL :headbang::headbang:
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Thank you very much! I love Superbees, but I don't change unrestored originals. I have had this Coronet 17 years,
and it had 68k on It when I bought it. It now has 72k on it. The Coronet Is a 383 2 bbl, 727 , with numbers matching engine and transmission. It came with A/C, P.S, Power Disc brakes, AM/FM, Road wheels and 2:76 Limited slip. The Interior is all original. I also have the Window sticker, and Original Bill of sale. one respray in 2002 to repair some minor hail dent repair way back when. I did rebuild the engine,and Installed a stock 330HP cam, heavier springs, four Barrel AVS, windage tray, and high volume oil pump. I left the 9.2:1 pistons in it. So I did deviate slightly. I made an error though, I didn't Install a higher stall converter. The H.P likes about 500 RPM more than the stock 2bbl cam.I'll get to it someday.
Man buddy I actually thought the other wheels looked great on it .. those take it to a new level ! Wise decision and thanks for sharing bath time
Man, I washed eight cars yesterday! I think the Americans look far better. I want to sell the 15x8 wheels, they are too big for anything I have. you know me, stodgy and hubcap adorned, bone stock original is the rule usually.The Cordoba came with 15x6.5 and wires. I just couldn't do it! Now, I may paint the original rims blue with a poverty cap, but I would rather spend my money on fixing the A/C on the Charger.:headbang:
Love the Americans much better. That is one sweet looking Doba. My favorite in the bunch thought is the Red GTX.
Absolutely! if I were to ever paint the car, Those decals WILL be put back on. New!
Bennie is a good man, none better. I will be hunting for minor stuff to improve the car,mainly trim and chrome to bring it back to new.
The more I drive it, the better it runs. new shocks, and alignment will make a huge difference. I have a 74' Cuda rear sway bar that looks like it might fit. if so, on it goes!
wow thats a nice DOBA and a really nice fleet of MOPARS....congrats and the new wheels and dust trail look sweet in my opinion.
Nice looking car. A factory tach I would think that would be kind of rare.[/QUOT
Not just rare but expansive! A nos replacement on ebay i saw got $300
, my tach needle on my 75 charger broke and had to foie it on for looks but barely functions but $300 for old decayed plástic! Ill pay the extra $1000 for a complete custom gauge kit
It's a beautiful Cordoba ... Not sure why it says Road Runner ? but it looks to be in great condition , I love it ... Great find ...
Congratulations on the new car and on making the trip yourself...700 mi per day is a helluva average, ask any trucker. Let's see some pics...

yup that's a pretty good hump !! very clean doba their very nice !!
Roadrunner emblems don't really add any thing to the car and actually I think clutter it up. It would look much cleaner with out them. The sticker down the side looks nice, would look better if it was just a gold stripe or done in gold leaf. Otherwise, that is one of the cleanest Cordoba's I have seen in a while.