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K Frame Resto.


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Mar 1, 2021
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I found a local shop that will blast and powder coat my stripped K frame for $200 but I’m curious what others have done DIY.

I’m trying to do as much as I can myself. What have you done with yours and how did it turn out?

I've had mine sandblasted, after which we go over it and touch up the factory welds, so they're more "secure". Next prime, do any filler work, and paint it. It may be somewhat less costly, and you can touch up the scratches that will happen during assembly, but the $200 powder coat sounds like a good deal also.
Are you just looking to keep it as is with a fresh coat of black or make improvements?
I would do as mentioned above and finish those crappy factory welds. Some of them I’ve seen are a mere spark and go, here and there. Clean, finished welds will go a long way towards more stability of the K frame, and a cleaner finished product.
I paid $200 to get mine sandblasted and powder coated as well. Make user they don't get any powdercoat in the pocket where the lower control arm pivot pins go and in the threads where steering gearbox bolts.
I clean and paint mine myself, bit for a measly $200 I will be sending them to your guy in the future!
I just cleaned all the gunk off mine (still in the car with the engine pulled) and sprayed a ton of degreaser and acetone. I brushed on some chassis black. It cleaned up pretty decent. That $200 deal does sound pretty good though.
you should have it baked/degreased.
A lot of them are full of grease and dirt.
I did mine myself. Boiling water, degreaser, elbow grease, wire wheel, sandpaper. Sprayed a primer and few coats of black with my compressor. Came up really good and looks just as good after 5 years. I used the paint for many other parts (brackets etc) so cost was negligible.
High satisfaction from doing it myself, I haven't got any pictures on my phone but it honestly looks great.
I took the easy route and had mine powder coated. They had to bake it for hours to cook all of the grease and oil out. The hours of work it would take to prep it myself were better spent on other things...
image (13).jpg
Clean, blast, epoxy primer, paint.
Kind of a different view.

k frame.jpg
Go through this thread , do all the extra welding and add the reinforcement plates. Or have it done for you. Then get the baking and powder coating done.
Pulled the trigger. Got it back from coating today. I degreased it and cleaned up some rough edges but otherwise I left all the factory “character” intact (welding skips across the body etc).

Saved me a whole bunch of time and looks great for my purposes.


And actually, how many folks will crawl under the car to look at a K-member ? I think it's an illness, many of Us have, detailing every piece to extremes, Myself Included !!!
And actually, how many folks will crawl under the car to look at a K-member ? I think it's an illness, many of Us have, detailing every piece to extremes, Myself Included !!!

You can see the K frame from the top side, so it might as well look good...
Poppin' the hood to show off the engine bay is a big part of muscle car ownership. Mine has always been sad, I would like it to be not sad.