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WTB LH thread wheel studs (I have already talked to Craig @mobileparts)


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May 14, 2024
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Leesburg VA
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Looking for either original LH (useable) or Doman 610-133 (mopar #2781567) wheel studs. Need front wheel left hand thread studs for 11 inch drums. I have already talked to Craig @mobileparts , he awesomely, provided a temp. solution until I can find original or Dorman.


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Thanks to you ^^^ two guys above ( and Dadsbee has been my # 1 guy for decades !!!! ) ^^^ , George ( a Great Guy !!! ) IS grabbing my very last two (2) of
this particular LEFTY FRONT Wheel Stud --- my 2nd hole in my extensive Wheel Stud Inventory.... I still do have over 1000 LEFTY Wheel Studs !!!

If any of you guys reading this still have a " Mom and Pop " Parts Store near you --- see, if by luck , they still have some LEFTY Wheel Studs in their Dorman Cabinet --- make yourself some $$$$ --- you can sell them to me !!!!

First , find me --- some H 104 or H 104 L which became 610 - 104 Wheel Studs....those are the Dorman numbers ....
Second, find me ( and George ) --- some H 133 or H 133 L which became 610 - 133 Wheel Studs .... Dorman.....

If they have any of those, I can give you another half a dozen numbers , which I would buy every one they have !!!

Yours, Craig.....
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Very first line in the original post states they are for an 11 " x 3 " BRAKE DRUM...... NEW ONLY ..... part numbers listed.....
I was rummaging through my parts and came across these left hand studs. Not sure what I got them for as I haven't had a 70 or earlier Mopar in decades.
Any interest?
Terry W.

LH Wheel Studs.jpg
Can't see the part numbers at the top of the studs...Certainly interested ... Are those the only three (3) you have ???
Thanks Terry and Craig for replying. As a comparison; heres a stock LH front stud for 11” drum- its the damaged one I took off.

So far, those are the only 3 I have found. I was going to pitch them out. The two long ones have the "L" on the threaded end and the letter "M" on the other end. The short one just has the letter "L" on the threaded end. I think I bought the new longer ones at NAPA probably 30 years ago, maybe longer ago than that. As I clean things out, I'll set aside any more I find.
If they have no markings for their part numbers, I will have to do the “ identify them “ process….
Let me know when you have completed your search on what and how many you have….
Thanks, Craig…..
I'm confused here, I asked the OP about what studs he's looking for from a LH front drum? Or LH front disc?
And mobileparts seems to have taken over this thread and wanting LH studs. Why don't we let the OP (Geo50) seek out his own WTB thread to gather the parts he's looking for???
It IS Geo50's thread. It IS a WTBuy. He stated, or edited, to show he needs them for drums. Not sure what issue you have with Craig, the only guy that still has NOS parts to sell.. and at the same time obviously looking to restock. Sure he probably should start his own WTBuy, but I think Winternet is over...
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