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Long Term Storage for New Motor


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Jan 12, 2020
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East Hartford, CT
Hello lads and gals,

Last year I built a 512' motor for my '67 Satellite. A few days after starting it up and making sure it wouldn't blow up, I had to take an overseas assignment at work.
I put the car into storage but I am curious if there is anything I should be cautious about/be doing to make sure the motor is still good when I return. It's looking like it wont be another 5-6 before I get a chance to put the motor on the road. Just don't want to cause another rebuild when I get back.

The motor only has about 2 hours of run time and had it's initial break-in oil and filter drained/change right before storage. New cooling system, freeze plugs, fresh coolant.

The car is stored in a dry, dark, climate-controlled barn. Rodent free.

Will having a family member starting the motor once a year until I return suffice? Let the motor sit instead? Wasn't sure if because it's not fully broken in if that changed anything.

When I return I'm thinking the obvious. Drain the fluids, change filter, prime the oil pump, pull valve covers and inspect for rust, spin crank over by hand to make sure it's not locked up. Anything else I'm missing?
If it is dry and climate controlled then it sounds good. I don’t like to start them without driving them. So I would let it sit until you are ready to drive it. Then prime the oil pump with a drill before starting.
I let a 440 sit for 18 years without even rolling it over in my barn without any climate controls (Michigan) and it rolled right over with a rachet and ran fine with freshly rebuilt carbs and point filing.
4-speed or auto ?? If its a 4-speed the clutch disc will be fused to the flywheel and pressure plate by the time you return.
A fresh engine with no "varnish" on things would make me a tad worried about stuff rusting, especially cam lobes. but old used and abused **** like my Bee that sat for 14 years in a marine can... was just fine.
If dry and rodent free, shouldn't need much. Pre-Prime oiling system, maybe squirt a little WD-40 in the spark plug holes to get a bit of lube on the rings.
I have a 360 that has been sitting for a long time, and I am finally getting motivated to put it in the '69 Coronet 500 to make it a daily driver (with 518 trans.)
I’ve used Marvel Mystery oil to keep things lubed up in the past with great results.
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