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Looking for Help with a Vinyl Top- KC area?


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Jul 19, 2010
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Kansas City, MO
Hey Everyone,

Been awhile since I've posted anything though slowly plugging away on my Bee and hope to have her going to enjoy by late summer.

I had to remove the vinyl top for a replacement quarter and the guy had lined up to come knock it out had a medical issue come up and is unable to do it, so now back to square one.

My dad & I did the first go around though neither of us had ever done one and while a great learning experience, did not come out perfect. I'm looking for someone experienced with these old B bodies around Kansas City that could do a house call as car is not mobile yet. I do have a compressor, spray gun, fresh DAP Weldwood vinyl top adhesive (gallon), heat gun and the new top. Garage is heated so can bump it up to whatever temp needed to make it easier for any material stretching. Have scuffed the top back down and will have all masked off. Not looking for a handout and will compensate whether it be cash or also have a rebuilt non-ac heater box out of the same car would trade if needed as going Vintage Air route.

Sorry for the garbage pic- didn't have anything clean to put the cover on when I snapped this.

Really nice car! What color is that? Have you considered not putting a vinyl top on it? Look really clean!
Really nice car! What color is that? Have you considered not putting a vinyl top on it? Look really clean!
Thank you! It's Y2 Sunfire Yellow. Had thought about losing the vinyl at one point but hoping to keep it as original looking on the outside as I can and the top grew on me. Do have the holes for trim and while tough to spot in the photo, the roof wasn't prepped for it being a finish coat. Will have a black stripe and going steelies with redline caps.
Can't help but I agree with the vinyl decision.
Take lots of pictures of the process!
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