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Lose Oil Pressure When Engine Decelerates

Paul Cotton

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2:39 PM
Jul 19, 2016
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Marion, Ohio
I have a 440 motor that is loosing oil pressure when I let off the gas. Everything appears to be fine under hard acceleration, however, when I get off the gas and am slowing down, my oil pressure drops to zero and the light come on. In a couple of seconds, it recovers and the oil pressure comes back up to normal. This problem just started this fall.

I was told the engine was built with a high volume oil pump installed as it was originally going to be used on the drag strip.

The dipstick shows the oil level is full.

Any suggestions?
Do you have the stock oil pan without any baffles? If so, your HV pump could be sucking up more oil than is available in the pan. 440'
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