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Man am I rusty


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Feb 16, 2010
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waterford mi
Went out for weekend number 2. No test and tune so I entered the Friday 1/8 bracket. Got 2 hits for our 1/4 Saturday race, .054, [email protected], [email protected] .034, [email protected], [email protected] 2 hits for the 1/8 race, .040, [email protected] .028, [email protected]. Ok so far not horrible. Heavy 8-10 mph gusting head wind playing havoc with ET and mph. First rd of the 1/8 bracket I get a car dialed 10.14 to my 5.74. I stay in it trying to catch him. But my VERY poor .084/5.728 does me in to his .026/10.16. Time for beer. Saturdays 3rd Q for 1/4 is a.051, [email protected]. Wind is still the same up/down. Rd one I see his red. Loose concentration and go -.034. I miss the 1/2 and hit the limiter. Car falls of to a [email protected]. Rd 2 I go red AGAIN. 9.04 dial -.007, [email protected]. Going back and looking at the data I see i left about 300 rpm to high. So in the last few passes I've been -.004, -.008, -.007 when I'm dialed in realy hitting the tree well. So easy solution lower the starting line rpm. Time for beer. Sunday one Q only. Weather has slipped a bit. Wind a little better .021, [email protected]. Rd1 9.04 dial .018, lift to an easy 9.18. Starting line greasy it wouldv'e only gone 9.07. Still chasing that part of the tune-up. Rd 2 dial 9.09 carrying .01 in the bag against a slower car. As his tree is coming down I see the rpm creeping up. So I move my foot a little. Of course now I've lost my focus. The worst light I've ever had in this car (10 years) .124 Car runs dead on it's prediction [email protected]. So a few issues. My concentration is not good enough on the tree. The rpm is creepping up between the time the car is staged and the tree comes down. The car slips in 60 ft a bit in bright sunshine. In 2 weeks we'll try again.
The car's pretty dang consistent, seems to me, not to mention it hauls butt.
Just shut everything else out of your head but your routine.
I've never watched the other guy at the tree; I just focus on ME not screwing up...
Over the years, I've had those red light streaks. Usually at the wrong time in the bigger money races. But keep it up.
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Nicely done Doug.
Getting into the razor sharp zone can take a race or 2.
Not that you're far off the mark
If it were easy to be good, it wouldn’t be fun. You’ll get it figured out Doug. Great to hear you’re out there making passes again.
id be happy with that first time out in a spell.
So this past weekend in 7 test passes I'm .043-.055 with the exception of a .031. My feeling is these are not good enough to get a win. So on Sunday I hit it harder. first rd .021. 2nd rd -.003. Talked to a good friend. He asked me when my lights were not good, what were my lights? I said .060-.075. And when they were good? I said .015-.030. He says simple. Your out of practice and the car is leaving harder. My thought was the car was off by maybe .020. But now that I think about it, he's right. I've had a slew of .00X red. I need to leave at idle or just above. Then hit it hard. We'll see next time out. Too bad cause the car is really good now.
Re the reds, what would be a possible remedy for my mate with the RR, he keeps going -.004+ red in elims. I tried to suggest he leaves just off idle, he only has a street/race converter that flashes to ???....possibly 4200+ in his combo, its a TCI proX 3600-4200 in a 3800lb car, max torque 720@4400, he said its no good. He stages up wherever unfortunately and stalls it to whatever and any given time, I can always tell when he's on it cos the car rises up 3" or so, I don't think that helps, told him to creep in to the 2nd bulb very slowly the same every time but no....any thoughts.
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i have always just turned on the stage lite .... and mat it from idle on the second light in my old fury. 3900 pounds with a street fighter. ran the car for 5 years. once i figured what the car would do 003 lights were the norm. only got a 000 once in my life ...lol
Good seeing you last weekend Doug.
Here's what I did in the second round.

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