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Mods why am I seeing this???

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chooch said:
I wouldn't worry about it to much I see that all the time but I also have 60+ people on my ignore list.

Holeeee Crap......60 people?
I don't think I could name 60 members here. I'm like that in real life though. I have some good friends and a few people that I just know.
I'd rather have 3 good friends than 30 people that I just "know".
I’m among those on your short ignore list; but hey, I still suggested you be awarded a coffee mug for the most replied thread breaking 13,000 replies. Was surprised you weren't given this recognition...I mean that's a feat! You’re a champion there pard. Wait! You won’t see this cuz I’m on your ignore list…lol
When I'm drunk, I think that I am funny.
No really, I am.
I also tell the same story multiple times, I talk LOUD and knock stuff over accidently.
This was what showed up in the area where the text would be...Everything else is seen on the left like normal name Avatar, Messages, likes, joined etc... Can't find any today!!
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Try placing all of the staff members on your ignore list and see if the messages stop.:D:rofl:
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