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More carb confusion Edel Performer vs. AVS2


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Nov 26, 2019
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Eagan, MN
So the original carb I still have for my 67 R/T is an AFB with a 4 7/8" air horn. Currently has a Holley double pumper that has to go, but want to get something new vs. rebuild the AFB which I probably would screw up. Can't get a straight answer from the tech guys at either Jegs or Summit. Is the Performer series an AFB? It has the 5 1/8" air horn size like the AVS, so don't know. Jegs guy says the Performer also has secondary metering rods, so that's not an AFB either. So then what's the difference between a Performer and AVS2? Can't believe the phone help tech guys can't give a clear answer on this. Trying to decide the
750cfm Performer vs. the 800cfm AVS2. Whatcha all think?
The AVS2 has some upgrades over the performer.. but basically the same carb.. either one would be as close to an AFB as you are going to get while going new..... if you want an AFB, rebuild yours or have it sent to someone who could rebuild it..

out of the 2, I prefer the AVS2, had one on my boat, then my C10, and just ordered one for my '66 so I can get it running..
The guy at Jegs or Summit clearly has no clue about Edelbrock carbs.The Performer IS a AFB (Aluminum Four Barrel).No,No such thing as secondary Metering rods in the Edelbrock.
The AVS 2 is based on the Carter AVS (Air Valve Secondary)of 1969-70.1971 Chrysler started phasing in the Thermoquad and the AVS was done around 1973.
The Performer AFB is a good carb. As stated above the AVS is a better carb in my books. I ran a 750 AFB on my 472 Hemi and then swapped the 800 AVS2. The car had a real nice improvement at part throttle transition,it just felt smoother as a street driver. Both can be jetted for you area and type of driving. Usually the AFB I would just change metering rods for driveability. The AVS2 was great out of the box. My 2 cents.
I agree to have your original carb professional rebuilt for originality. I used Harms for a few Thermoquads for showroom original.. Woodriff Carburetor Specialties is a member and board sponsor and have heard good things.
First question. Is the engine stock or close to stock? If so, and the original carb is in reasonable shape, then I'd have the original restored by either of the above aforementioned shops. It will look and perform like new when you get it back.
Thans folks, especially Darter6. I have since learned from a bunch of internet research that:
Performer is an AFB with a larger 5 1/8" air horn. Main difference is that AFB secondariess are controlled by a counterweight, AVS2 controlled by a spring, which makes the AVS2 more adjustable. There are a couple of other differences in the idle and secondary circuits that allow the AVS2 to be a bit more drivable/smooth at part throttle. Thanks for the rebuild contacts. I have a new in the box Performer 1411 - 750cfm that I got almost for free at an estate auction, going to try that one first. The engine was rebuilt basically stock with what the last owner says "the Six-Pack cam", which really isn't much different than the stock 440/375 cam. Engine is strong and smooth so far, just don't like that Holley.
350-440s up to 1967 came with AFBs. And they worked just fine....