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    Jan 19, 2017
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    I have 2 very low miles MSD blaster 2 coils. One is vibration safe.
    $25 each plus $8 shipping or
    $50 for both and free shipping.
    Lower 48 USA only.
    92324CB9-49D1-4A8B-AF7C-F09F6ECCBA85.jpeg ED31C709-EEE2-4FA4-AEE3-C1100736BFCA.jpeg 070E4DE3-5344-4FFE-9326-F657923931DD.jpeg 11DA63D7-A5D0-4248-8EE0-A2483158773F.jpeg ABA05000-8F28-4462-8B6A-CEEC20F1D861.jpeg 101E3620-3297-44E6-A282-9B1BC952CBC7.jpeg 39D8CD2A-E3A5-4E5C-907E-96BECAC4208E.jpeg 4DAEE2AA-A75C-4DDC-9508-ADF12070EDD4.jpeg 6AC30C90-D70D-4A84-BD8F-46FFCEFEC739.jpeg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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