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My '67 GTX Project in Southern CA.

Some more PIC's of the project:

Powder coated all the front bucket seat trim pieces wrinkle black, turned out good.

All the Powder Coated parts on the car were finished by Specialized Coatings in Huntington Beach.
I highly recommend them if you need powder coating, very reasonable pricing and good quality.
I know the gloss finish might not be correct for the car, but the car was never correct from the beginning, far from it.
The gloss finish looks really good to me, and kind of grabs your attention under the hood.

I got the Mancini 14" Chrome Drop Down Base P/N MRER7195B to allow the Dual Snorkel to fit under the hood.
This set-up is with a Holley 750, P/N 0-80508S, 4160C 750 CFM Polished Carburetor, and Edelbrock P/N 7193 Performer RPM manifold.
If you have air cleaner height / clearance issues under your hood, this base will make it work.
Use Wix Air Filter P/N 42113 with Dual Snorkel.

I had trouble with the other distributor and electronics on the firewall from the beginning and I changed out multiple ballasts, control units and other items to try and fix it.
I decided to cut my losses and switch to an MSD All-In distributor and new 8MM Plug Wires, kind of pricey, but I was spending cash looking for the problem too.
Not real sure exactly what the cause was, or where the problem was, but it's gone now.
The car starts quickly and runs great.
I also went with black valve covers, but I have a set of chrome covers so I can change the look in the future if I want to.



Dual Snorkel fits perfect under the hood now, and I like the look.
I know that these air cleaners are kind of rare and very expensive out there, if you can even find one in decent shape.
Mine was not on the car when I was in Michigan looking at it.
I asked the dealer where it was, and he said they have it on a shelf in the back, but it doesn't fit under the hood.
I told him I wanted that air cleaner with the sale, and they agreed.
They also had the whole Air Conditioning system for the car too, PO removed it before selling the car, probably didn't work but I don't know that.
I said I wanted that too.
They packed up everything in the trunk and it all arrived when it was delivered to me.

More later..
PIC's of the 727 to Tremec TKX 5-speed swap:

My engine was built by Dave Dudek in Michigan many years ago, and he's a very reputable engine builder I'm told.
I contacted him after I bought the car, but it was a long time ago when he built it, so he didn't remember too much about it.
He did say the the PO wanted a good durable and reliable engine, so that's fine with me, hopefully it keeps on runnin' !!

During the tranny swap, we ran into most of the usual problems with the older auto trans parts in there:
Starter clearance issues, headers hitting the bell housing and pretty much everything else, oil pan leaking, the list went on.
I had a rear main seal leak too, replaced that....twice.....finally good now, no leaks.
After all said and done along with the tranny, I replaced the headers, a new starter and new oil pan and everything fit nice, no clearance problems.
I installed a 440 source P/N 200-1142 oil pan with the Summit all in one G2339 Windage Tray with gasket top and bottom.
Highly recommend that Summit tray, no leaks anywhere around the oil pan now.
My garage floor is dry, crossing my fingers it stays that way!!