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My Late Father's - 1967 Coronet RT 440 - Advice?

I’m rather upset by your dads so called friend taking advantage of your mom during a very difficult time. That is not what a friend does. I’m also very saddened to hear of your dads passing.

So, for the parts, you can make more money selling the items individually, such as the emblems, steering wheel, valve covers, and some of the other specific items. The nuts and bolts you may want to bundle with other like items. As with any online sale, shipping will be a minor pain in the behind, especially if you don’t do it often in your everyday life. If you can, try to use the flat rate boxes from the post office, they are about as straightforward as you can get to help make things simple. Try to round up some packing material like bubble wrap, maybe from places like Pier One or other mall stores that handle home decor. Buying packaging can be expensive and cut into your final tally. The idea is to make your mom some money, so try to do it as economically as possible.

I believe you’ve come to the right place, you have the best chance for success here, our members are a pretty honest bunch, not so much out in the internet world. There is one site on Facebook that caters to the 67 GTX and R/T cars, the members there are also solid folks, and your target audience. But yes, pictures here would help identify your items, and will help in pricing them out. You will probably get at least a sale or 10 here as well.

Sorry that you’ve been put into this situation, it would’ve been nice to have the opportunity to take over your dads car and enjoy it with your family in memory of him. That’s the part that gets me so upset! Peace brother, we’re here to help if we can!
I agree the purchase of the car was despicable.

If the car is for sale and you know where it is maybe we can stop by and "make him an offer he can't refuse".
I've been in your situation before and find myself in a similar one again. Brought home 3 trailer loads of parts and beginning the process of selling off what I won't need for my collection. Started on FB and tried to be upfront and honest while keeping scammers from stealing my pictures as has become pretty common. I started off on Moparts well over a decade ago before moving to FB for the ease but after getting some flack from a few groups on FB, came back to the forums before just packing everything away and letting it sit.
Selling parts individually brings the most revenue, but you'll have a lot of time researching each part, to learn what is valuable and what isn't.
Selling as a lot might bring a guy doing a resto who might pay a fair price, or might bring a re-seller that will give 10-20 cents on the dollar - esp when they figure out you aren't savvy on what is/isn't valuable.
It all boils down to how much time you have and how much you can afford to spend to get more $$ for your mom.

Related example:
I have a stack of about 50 old comic books from the 80s. I know enough about 'things' to know some of them are quite unusual and are surely rare.
I don't have the time to learn if one of them might be worth $100 or more, so to me the whole stack will get a $25 asking price.
If I get the time to dig them out of storage, that is.
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