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Need help finding a custom cam manufacturer with a decent turn around time.


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Apr 27, 2010
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New Jersey
Had a 572 Maxx built by INDY and the cam that was speced has been on order at Comp for over 6 months. The short block is done just waiting on the cam. Comp states they don't have cores and cant even tell me when they would be available. Need this thing together before Carlisle (JULY) and I also signed up for Drag week in (September) Looking for options.

Here what I need (acording to Kenny at INDY) I'm sure there's more to the specs. I've asked him to provide that info.

.285/.296 @ .050 -- .726/.707 -- R112+4 (Low Shock Lobes)

Can anyone recommend a cam grinder with decent turn around times?
Good luck, we waited for over a year to get one for my motor. The problem seems to be the availability of the billets plus the cam companies are focusing on machining cams for the more popular makes (Chevrolet for example).
My friend has a used Comp that is darn close 285 485" int lobe, 296 .470" exh lobe on 111CA lift at the valve depends on your rocker ratio. with 1.5 .726" int . exh .705'.
my racecar runns a very similar comp cam. It uses 1.7 rockers for .800" lift. Been very easy on parts using Isky bushed lifters and Pac 1224 springs. I think he'd take $300 for it.
Have you tried Bullet Racing Cams…..I’ve had good luck with them in the past.
Have you called Hughes? They are a sponsor here and I received my cam pretty quick. Good people to deal with.
Clay Smith Cams in Buena Park California
They have a good supply of cores in stock and
a fast turn around.
I have been using them for 60 years with a lot of success.
After my Hughes cam debacle, my engine guy called Isky and ordered a custom cam based on the Hughes cam numbers.
It only took 2 weeks.
Thanks to all, Got acouple good leads now. Going make some calls.
Clay smith does not have the master to grind .285 @ .726 lift. the most they would net me is .285 @ .682 lift. I would nee to change to 1.6 rockers which i allready have the 1.5
Bullet has the cores but 7 weeks out to get one.