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New to Mopars and the forum


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Sep 25, 2023
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Greetings from North Carolina!
I had no real intentions of getting into classic cars (most of my money gets sunk into jeeps, sxs, and dirtbikes), but an opportunity to purchase 68 Super Bee (engine replaced with a GTX 440) came up for the right price and I figured it would be a new adventure...and for the past 3 months- an adventure it has become! Ive been referencing this forum constantly to learn about this car and figure out the right parts I need to get. So far, new wiring harness, electric choke, ignition, brakes, axle seals, suspension and all new bushings, window regulators, valve cover gaskets, wheel studs, wheels and tires, etc... and I still havent gotten to drive it more than half a mile..sounds great in my garage though!
Looking forward to getting this thing on the road and getting it back to safe running order!
Welcome to FBBO and congratulations on acquiring one of the great B-Body Mopars. Sounds like it's in good hands now. Post some more pics when you get a chance.
Welcome from Alabama, it looks almost road worthy right now. Take that trailer on back to Uhaul and start driving her.
And it's a coupe too! Welcome to the site!
I saw the light, I saw the light…..welcome to the wonderful world of Mopars, and you sure picked a perfect first Mopar to jump into. Don’t get too mired in replacing parts without enjoying that car too. Keep it running, do one area at a time, and enjoy the fruits of your labor in between. And be sure to include us along the way, we love to see cars get their much needed due!
Welcome to FBBO from NY.
Congratulations on your ‘68 :thumbsup:
Welcome from Fl. Looks like a grate car and hope you get many hours of enjoyment out of the car. :welcome:
Welcome from NJ. Looks like a good project!
Welcome from Southern CA.
Good luck with the project, and we like PIC's !!
Now drive the heck out of it.
Welcome to FBBO from Ontario. Congratulations on your 1968 Super Bee purchase. This is one of the rarer Mopar muclecars, since it was only produced for about 1/2 year. All 1968 SuperBees were coupes. They were based off the Coronet 440 series, with nicer interiors than the baseline RoadRunners. I bought a 1969 Super Bee new, and wish I had been smart enough to hang into it.
Cool 68 Super Bee
welcome to FBBO from NorCal Sierras
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