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No good deed goes unpunished

Damn Matt , so sorry. Buddy will have a lot of friends to show him around in the peaceful place that he has went to. I know this to be true because one of his new friends is my dog Elvis that pasted over the bridge last August. Please remember Matt, you have a lot of friends on this forum, so if you need any of us please PM us and let’s talk.God bless you and your family. R.I.P Buddy.

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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. Take comfort in the fact that a fast decline meant less discomfort and suffering for him.

A couple years ago, I went to work. My 18 year old pug was eating her breakfast on the patio, she turned around to look at me as I left, wiggled her tail, and resumed eating. It was a warm spring day, 60s, sunny...and when I got home from work, she was gone. Laying stretched out where the sun would have been when she finished breakfast. It tore me up that I wasn't there, but I took comfort (GREAT comfort) in the fact that she stretched out for a nap in the sun...and that was it.

It sounds like your wife was there, which is a great comfort for Buddy. A member of the pack was there. Kelsey (my pug) had the rest of her pack with her as well - Hudson, her little brother (husky), and Morgan, her little sister (border collie). Did I want to be there? Absolutely. Would it have changed anything? Unfortunately, no.

Buddy will still be waiting for you at the bridge. Happy as always to see you, when the time comes.
Im so sorry Matt,praying for you my friend.
Sorry Matt, that really is tough situation... It's getting to the point I really hate seeing these threads cause hearing about someone losing their four legged friends hurts me more that 99% of the "won't be down for breakfast" threads...
Oh man....and it's never easy. Sorry for your loss.
Sorry for your loss my friend. We have lost 3 in 12 months. They all lived together and sadly seem to be going together. Hang in there, Hes in your heart.
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