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Not so good vibrations...


1963 Dodge Polara Max Wedge Tribute
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Sep 25, 2014
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Dahlonega, North Georgia
Now that I actually have the max wedge tribute so I can drive it (thanks to help from people in this forum) I had serious vibration starting at around 2000 rpms and above that felt like the door panels were going to fall off LOL.
Took it to a local shop and they had the driveshaft balanced. Got the car back and it changed the worst vibration but now have other vibrations, a new oil leak where tranny meets engine,
and some shifting issues have become more obvious. Tires are new and balanced. New rear shocks and springs.

For reference previous owner says it is a 65 push button cable shift 727 with slip shaft tail rebuilt by Keith Long of 727 specialists (around 2003 or so)?

If I shift manually all shifts are felt and obvious.

If I don't shift it myself car is sluggish off the line, don't really feel the shifts (maybe feel from second to drive)
And at the base of my steep driveway which is paved it appears to slip a bit and then grab before it goes up the hill.
It never downshifts that I can hear on its own.
If I punch it there is no kickdown.
Trans fluid level is correct, not burnt, etc
Strange but NVH app on my phone after a short test run reported first order vibrations about the same counts between 40-60 for rear tire, front tire, driveshaft, and a little higher for engine? Need to take a longer test at steady speed on highway

I think that if kickdown is not working that pressures are not correct with varying throttle and that might be causing the off or no shifts?
Max wedge kickdown is set so at full throttle the trans lever is all the way back (have to recheck it though when I have a helper)

I recently put edelbrock carbs on it as my carters need restored and it takes months. Had to cut the linkages at the bottom to clear the intake.
Some folks said I needed to change the throttle arms to make them work on a wedge setup, others said not necessary? Something about the angle and full throttle travel?

I am hoping that the vibration and shift issues are the actual cause of the vibrations and poor shifting, so will try changing what I can to see if that is the case.

Any suggestion on possible causes or solutions or tests are appreciated

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Sounds to me like the geometry of the linkage may be suspect. MAX wedges didn't use automatic shifting valve bodies to my knowledge. I would recommend a manual reverse valve body behind that engine.
Have you checked drive line angles?
Max wedge had push button but they were regular valve bodies as far as I know. This is not a max wedge specific tran though it is a 65 727 with slip shaft. Kickdown rod is max wedge as are the intake and other linkage and brackets

U Joints and angles checked out
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What happens if you do have a manual valve body and only drive the car in drive?

It sounds like maybe the trans is
misaligned, causing your vibration
and seal failure. Due to misalignment,
the pump will often fail, which could
explain your shifting issues. The
alignment can be checked with a
dial indicator. Check the bellhousing
to block bolts for looseness.
Also, could be the trans oil pump
bushing being worn or the bearing
surface in the trans is not square
with the crank end.
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