Petaluma Ca ‘70 GTX??

Lost and Found B Body Mopars

  1. Phantomx

    Phantomx New Member

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    Jun 27, 2020
    West sacramento
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    1:35 PM
    Hey all, just trying to find anyone who may know my car from back in the day. It’s a low option 70 GTX, 440/4bbl, 4 spd, In-Violet outside, no vinyl top, black interior, no power options at all, man steering/drum brakes. It had a good quality color change early in life to B5, then several bad color changes, most prominent being red and then covered in grey primer. It looks to have broken a right lower ball joint at some point as it has a big scuff on the front rail and inner fender apron and someone installed an A body lower control arm out of ignorance or necessity to make it moveable. Last registered around ‘89 in Petaluma California and also had a couple of parking tickets there before I got it which I had to pay. I have owned it since March of ‘91. Anyone know it??
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