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Picked up a 1968 Coronet Wagon


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Jun 3, 2021
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Poconos PA
Yesterday I just wrapped up a 10 day roadtrip that started in Nashville and ended in the Poconos back at my home base. The vehicle of choice, my new (to me) 1968 Coronet wagon. Managed to combine 3 desires on this one. A) do the bourbon trail and bring a bunch home B) buy a new car C) have a wagon.

Got it from a place and had it shipped down to meet me in Nashville. Of course they told me it'd be good for the roadtrip I had planned, but they lied. All good though, still made it by patching it together every morning. The good news is the car is a good starting point for something fun. Bought it without seeing it in person, and they showed me just the right pics of what I was asking about that everything looked fine.

I've got a clean rust free body, did a lot of examining and can't find any significant filler. There was rust underneath and it has been somewhat addressed. The spare tire well had been fiberglass over long ago as it rusted out likely before repro panels were a thing. One small issue though, the driver side front frame rail has significant serious rust in the typical spot, but I didn't bother to check until well into the journey. So I'm going to need to have that addressed. The 4 wheel manual drums and failing master cylnder was fun going over the Appalachian range with, but slow and steady did it. The stock 318 is tired, and the auto trans is probably scrap metal, likely along with the steering box that was loose as hell. At least I replaced the dry rotted tires.

Meanwhile, the aftermarket stereo worked fine, and the tailgate works! What else do you need for a trip? Now that I'm back, I think my next move is to replace the engine and trans, check out the rear. I live up a mountain so I need to go up a 7% grade at faster than 15mph in first (though 1000lbs less bourbon may help). Basically it's un-drivable until address brakes, frame rail rust, and drivetrain overall. So a fun new project ahead.

I understand that the 68/69 wagons share some weird overlap with 66/67 coronets. Does anyone have a simple breakdown of what I need to know to begin looking for the right parts (weather strip, cat whisker, door parts, etc)?

I saw that on Hemmings? through two auction sites. That would explain why they didn't show any underside views. Great score though with lots of potential.
Congrats on the cool old long roof and I'm glad you made it through the journey and got home safely!
As I have grown older, I have gained appreciation for 4 door classics and station wagons.
The cool thing is.....every performance upgrade you can do to a 2 door also works on the 4 door cars. A stock 383 or 440 would really wake it up. Gear it moderately and it still can get decent mileage.
I agree with Kern Dog...a 383/727 with a set of 3.23's would make your wagon a great cruiser and that extra torque would help pull you up those grades, need to do a disc brake conversion on the front so you can get down those same grades safely as well.
I have parts to do a front disc swap....Send me a PM, we can work something out.
When I was looking, net wise, at that car my thoughts were Gen3 swap/Borgeson box/SST A41 trans/ vintage air or other a/c package/full suspension upgrades plus brake upgrade/rewire it.
Congratulations on the purchase and successful trip. Those are great memories for you going forward. Have fun!

At one point I had a 62, 66, 67, 68 and 69 wagons in a mix of Dodge and Plymouth. Most are gone now, but I will never forget the experiences of the trips to bring them home and in a few cases delivering them to their new home.
When I was looking, net wise, at that car my thoughts were Gen3 swap/Borgeson box/SST A41 trans/ vintage air or other a/c package/full suspension upgrades plus brake upgrade/rewire it.
Pretty close to what I'm thinking. Probably go with a decently built 383 or 440 depending on budget, but I think it needs A/C for sure.
One of the reasons I was looking at the A41 is it takes up less real estate with less surgery involved. A/C for that is a slam dunk.
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