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Pics from Back in the Day

Mmm, I might have posted this one before. Indulge me. :)

Me at 27, tearing one of TRW seat belt divisions $50,000 injection moulds apart without a care in the world! I did the 600v x 400 amp power panel behind me as well in '85 when I was 23.
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Mmm, I might have posted this one before. Indulge me. :)

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Besides the cute girl, I notice the two "Football" air cleaners on the engine. Hemi car with replaced air cleaners, or B/RB with "dealer installed" inline 2X4 intake? I remember seeing a photo of Dick Landy doing a Performance Clinic at a dealership, flogging some of the high performance parts you could buy over the counter. On the board was this 2X4 set-up for B/RB. I attended a similar clinic up here in Ontario, where I bought my new 1969 SuperBee. This clinic was put on by John Petrie, Chrysler Canada's contract racer. As a door prize, I won a "Hustle Stuff" (predecessor of Direct Connection) parts catalogue of Chrysler performance parts. On the first page was this same 2X4 intake and carbs. By 1969, this was basically a ten-year-old system they were still selling over the counter. I had this setup on a 426 Street Wedge in a '64 Polara 500 convertible. I don't think it worked any better than a single 750 cfm. Carter would have, but was nice eye candy and always drew a crowd.


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That paintwork is 2nd to none. I, I hate to say it but I think the talent to do that type of work any more is gone.
I know a guy who can still do that kind of work.
He's just a little eccentric to put it mildly. The catch is, he paints only what he wants anymore and his price tag starts at 15K! His waiting list is 4 years. It usually takes 6 months for each as it is his hobby. His "real" work is custom business signs- go figure. I will try to locate some pics of his work, a true airbrush artist.

Only pic I have, few years ago he was " goofing around" freehand on a roadster hood doing the real flame thing. He was just getting started, as he said there were at least 10 more colors to go.
I wish I could do this.
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