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Plasma Cutter


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Apr 23, 2010
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I have read some older threads regarding a good choice for a plasma cutter. I need an inexpensive unit for light duty and I’m looking at a Primeweld 50 amp at Home Depot. Do any of you have experience with it and what are your thoughts please?
I don't, but I do have the harbor freight green unit and it works really well. I was very pleasantly surprised. Might want to check it out. They sell all the consumables required to keep it functioning. Hope this helps.
I used this one on my car. works great. I chose it after watching a ton of reviews.. main thing i liked where a built in air dryer that is actually covered off the back so it can't get hurt.
That being said... i could have saved the money and used cut off wheels.. but a new toy is fun :)
Plasma Cutter
I have a hypertherm plasma cutter and I’ve used it only a little I find the low priced cutters work with no issues but long term hard to beat hypertherm or in my case I have a 38 year old miller tig machine I bought used 15 years ago and internals are really solid. If you can look for a better used machine.
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What does" inexpensive" mean to the OP?

I lucked into a Hobart Air Force 250 at a pawn shop for a pretty good deal ($300).

It's been excellent for anything I've used it on.

No longer made and the replacement is IIRC about $1000.

Major name brand and likely decent support.
I had previously purchased a Thermal Dynamics Pak 50 used.

They are a pretty well known brand in plasma cutting.

It worked once and never again.

I tried to troubleshoot it but got nowhere.

Very difficult to operate without the case on and somewhat difficult to remove the case (unlike my Hobart).

Tech support was "technically" responsive but was actually no help whatsoever.

Lesson learned.
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That unit actually looks like an Air Force 250 knock-off.
That unit actually looks like an Air Force 250 knock-off.
No idea.. just know it was cheap and works amazingly well... only advice i would give someone is buy extra consumables as you will use the up. :) I'm glad it came with a few tips though... gave me time to order some

P.S. that guy reviews a ton of welders/plasma cutters... he's why i got my Yeswelder Mig-205DS... REAL happy with that.. These new tiny welders are kind of amazing.. my old one was about 30 years old and the new tech is just so nice to use.
That's a good point.

Tips for the Hobart are available at wal-mart.

OK, maybe not, but they're easy to find.
I just recently made a decision on the plasma cutter and went with a Primeweld Cut50D. It has good reviews and with my Veterans discount I got it for $295.34 out the door at Home Depot. Thanks to all for chiming in.
Here is the video that made me buy the one i posted above.... it's cheap and works great i used it on all of my metal replacement.

the video sold me so I bought one....

I had a plasma cutter 10 + years ago and was not happy.... and sold it.

I like the pilot arc and its power house for such a small package.

The cost was cheap...... buying a expensive one I cant justify at 77!

I may brake down before the original guarantee expires.:eek:

Please report back how it does for you and what you've used it on.
I sure will!
Please do. I have been thinking of picking up a plasma cutter as well. The price on these are almost to good to not try.
I got a chance to try it out and I’m impressed with it. I don’t have my 60 gallon air compressor plummed in just yet and used a 2 gallon pancake air compressor. Even with that I was able to cut the bellhousing frame horn off my 55 Bel Air. I believe it to be close to 3/8 inch steel and it cut as smooth and straight as I could hold it. It is 110 or 220 volt with 50 amp capability. Again, it is a Primeweld Cut50D.
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