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Sep 30, 2021
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Northern ID
I have a hypertherm plasma cutter and I’ve used it only a little I find the low priced cutters work with no issues but long term hard to beat hypertherm or in my case I have a 38 year old miller tig machine I bought used 15 years ago and internals are really solid. If you can look for a better used machine.
If you can find it, a used hypertherm power max 600 would be a good bet. They were most popular model they made, most produced by far, and are still supported even though mine is 20 years old. Good for like 1/2” and are conservatively rated. Boards have a lot of discrete components so finding outdated IC’s is not an issue. The Chicom and India versions are throwaways, they break, they get tossed.

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Feb 1, 2020
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Please report back how it does for you and what you've used it on.
A promised review on the Bestarc plasma cutter.

I received the cutter yesterday and it working in no time with great results.... easy to use with no or little experience.

The easy to understand operational manual & (video here on B bodies)....... and i was off to nice clean cuts on a 1/4 plate steel.

I used the 110v only because I did not have the proper female adapter for the 220v.

I can imagine a simple hardware store connector-adapter.

I plan on making a 10-15 foot 220v extension cord for the power source..... that will handle 50 amps.

A thumbs up:thumbsup: for new technology and very reasonable priced machine for anyone with safety & commonsense in mind.

This is my assessment.... for a very short time of usage thus far. :)