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Poor customer service!

My experience was almost the same with Classic. it was for outside door handles that broke on the first try AND chipped my paint :up: while they claim to be "Mopar authentic restoration". I responded to a poster who had a quality issue with Classic but can't find the topic. I feel your pain Fitz
I've also had issues. Bought a set of plug wires for my 73 small block Charger. When they were too short I called Classic. I was told by the salesman that they knew they didn't fit but hadn't changed the description. When I asked them to send me another set so I would have enough long wires the best they would do is 10% off a second set. Ridiculous. Haven't really bought anything significant from them since.
People, you need to realize that they are a retail business, much like the local grocery store. They make nothing themselves. Everything they sell is made by an outside vendor and they have to take the word of that vendor that the parts are correct. I doubt that they inspect the parts or ever even test fit them.
To those that complain about their meager discounts:
What if their profit margins are so thin that they don't have a lot of room to discount? Ever thought of that?
I am not here to defend the quality of their parts or their shipping charges. My experiences with them have been fine though.
I have never owned a business but I know people that have. Outsiders have this false impression that they are all rich, swimming in money and only out to squeeze more money from their customers.
Before your next purchase, ASK questions about the products. Learn what you can. I suspect that IF the clerk knows of a product fitment issue, they might be honest about it.
In 2003 when I bought thousands of dollars worth of stuff from Year One, I was told of defects in the door handles and possible fitment issues with seat skins. From there it was my decision whether to buy or not.
Have had issues with ordering parts from a few so called reputable suppliers I've posted about with others. As Kern Dog posted these suppliers mostly drop ship unless you do find a MFG that sells direct. That's kinda seldom. A recent example is ordered parts from CJPonies and their parts for mag wheels were shitty; but yet pricy. However, what irks me is when you talk to them they don't wanna hear about the problem even when describing how it could be friggin solved. They say contact the MFG and in this case they didn't even extend the curtesy of offering that info so had to go hunting on the web for it. Then this effing outfit sends me ads everyday now for their **** having got my email when I ordered! So I contacted the maker and crickets anyway. Some auto parts vendors are on this site and of course others and read of one replying to an unhappy member to understand the problem and try to make it right. This is a place I'd order from. Most often though you're talking to some schmuck on the phone or purported tech-line that either doesn't give a **** or knows **** about the parts they sell. I keep a list of these places so I never order from them again. And it's good for us to share these experiences as these outfits care less about one unhappy customer; but might think twice when their dirty laundry is shared among hundreds or thousands of potential ones.
I ordered a set of door panels for my 1967 GTX on March 13 2020 and the fronts have been on Back Order ever since... Called about two weeks ago only to stay on hold for 45 minutes to only hear there still on back order.. Just tried calling a few minutes ago and the 1-800 number is not working but finally got through to a message the next available customer service agent is 30 minutes.. this sucks
Could be our pandemic dilemma is causing some roadblocks now. An excuse maybe. I'm no stranger to waiting on hold though in the past. Last go around was last summer ordering a carb for a friend. What a fiasco! I knew the carb/mani fit issue but the 'tech' (not sure just how techy) still says no I'm incorrect, I need a different carb. Well that arrived and come to find out it didn't fit. About three calls later waiting on hold for near half hour each time to order the carb I asked for to begin with and then the BS with sending the first one back...on and on...what's the saying? Misery loves company.
Not defending or disputing any of the comments above. I'd only mention that my experiences with Classic have been good. I goofed up on an order for seat covers even and was able to return them for full credit even though it was my error.

I made a delivery to QA1 last week. While waiting to get unloaded I was talking to the guys out back. They said it's been crazy busy. Everyone stuck at home is working on their long dormant project cars and order activity is through the roof. There were pallets of stuff ready to go, addressed to several main stream suppliers like Classic. Good problem for them, but it does mean long wait times when calling. I'm glad to hear they're busy. Would prefer that to suppliers for the stuff we need folding left and right.
I have used Classic Industries many times but I have to say that trying to get a reply via E-Mail is completely hopeless.I have sent several enquiries previously and they have gone answered resulting in me having to call them internationally to try and get my issue sorted.It's very strange that a Company as Big as this has poor customer Service like it has
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Recently went though this with a company having a great reputation and mentioned as such on this forum. Sent 3 or 4 emails to their 'tech support' over some three weeks and no reply. I looked up the company ownership and sent a letter to the president. I received a reply with an apology and an answer to my question. Another company didn't even have an email address and every time I tried to friggin call I was on hold for 25 minutes until I hung up. Well, as posted, some of these outfits are busy in these trying times...better busy than out of biz.
I have had the same no replies from them pre Covid so I don't think that's the Issue
I have had the same no replies from them pre Covid so I don't think that's the Issue
Referencing my #29 post, it really pissed me off when the tech support guy never so much as acknowledged my messages even to say 'I can't help you'. I even sent him another asking if this was the case, fine just let me know. That's when I looked up the owner asking him if this is how he expects his support dept. to operate. That's when I did get a 'reply'. Reputable companies certainly know pissed off customers can create a sales problem for them with a lot of others hearing bad stories on forums like this one...
Their shipping costs are outrageous but I purchased anyway since I kind of needed it. A 6 ounce part was quoted as $25 for ground shipping, $55 for air!!! Hell, USPS would ship for $6 and make it just as fast!!!

I haven't checked the fitment yet since I just received it, crossing my fingers it fits.
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