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Power steering pump removal


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6:02 PM
Aug 29, 2019
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Jarvis, Ontario
I need to remove the power steering pump on my 66 big block Charger to get it resealed. The car has factory air so it is pretty tight. It seems like if I remove to two horizontal bolts through the water pump it should come off bracket and all. If instead I take the two vertical pump bolts out there seems to be another bolt into the back of the pump which is pretty much inaccessible. Of course I had this all apart before and had the steering box rebuilt, but didn't do the pump! Here is a picture when I originally took it apart.

Not much too it bud, you are on the right track. Remove the two long (horizontal bolts) that run in the water pump and it will slide off. It's usually a tight fight but it will come off.

Not sure who you're using to rebuild it but Steer and Gear is awesome. They've done a great job with my stuff over the years.
Thanks, that confirms what I thought. I am in Canada so I will have it rebuilt locally where I had the steering box done. I am just mad that I didn't have it done at the same time while everything was apart. It still worked fine, but it had an annoying leak. I have new belts and rad hoses to install so it isn't a complete waste of time.
Thanks again for the help. It came off surprisingly easily. Thought I better post another picture showing that I did clean it up a bit.


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