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Pro-Max ? Braided fuel line for mopar 6pack??? Don't do it!

Yes I Know, But he said he wants to change his SET UP, so that REINFORCES MY THOUGHTS/OPINION?

I spent Some time tunning on it and realized I was getting metal debris in the carbs every time I screw the fuel fittings in the bowls. The fittings are playing hell on the threads in the bowls.
Yes THAT'S WHAT LEW TOT SAID! I also looked at this set up on my bench dry fitted and said to myself it is not USER FRIENDLY!! You have just reinforced my thoughts HEMI!!! When I get my set up done I will post and include part #'s and $'s
Thanks Brother!!
i think those float bowls aren't easy to come by anymore. holleys just won't take a lot of use at the bowl threads. how many folks strip out the needle and seat threads thru constant adjustments? it's always best to avoid touching the fuel inlet threads once they're sealed up. that's why an inverted flare or hose connection is best for maintenance work.
YES LEW "YOUR RIGHT AGAIN!!!" My thinking was for these mechanical carbs was to go from the carb a 3/8 npt to - 6 hose end a 45 degree AN hose end to braided -6(3/8) line to a fuel log, the other way would be to a -6 tee x2 and a -6 90 at the end carb,I'm not crazy about those Banjo fittings! What do you think???
depends on the air cleaner base. if it's a flat bottomed '69 i'd just do a log and hose nipples at the carbs. the '70 type air cleaner has about an inch drop and the lines/log or whatever isn't as straight forward. I hard line everything anymore. I feel as if it's easier and safer. a hose section from a log to a carb nipple is maintenance easy. I guess it's just personal taste, but I've been long over the hose thing. showing my age I guess. the real trouble spot is the large eye at the top of the center carb throttle lever that you have to have for linkage.
Thanks LEW !
I have an original 69-6pack air cleaner,so I'll go with the nipples to the log, I'll post at a later Date, I was fishing stripe bass today,After 2 Weeks Pro-Max finally called back,F Them, I mailed their parts bag back!!!
Thank You!
I didn't want the entire ProMax fuel line setup like you ordered, just the braided hose three-way system for the Carbs.
Earls now makes a similar setup with braided black hosing instead of steel braided.
However, I didn't want it to feed to the front of the motor, as pictured. I was hesitant to order the kit, thinking I may not be able to route it via the rear.
Once I got the kit, I was able to re-route it to the back fuel pressure regulator mounted on rear of pass side fender.
Turned out to be a good experience for me after all.
It is tuff to find a Vendor that sells fuel line routing for 6 pak Carbs.


gauge 6.jpg
Uh, It looks like the kit was intended to go on the passenger side of stock vacuum carbs, not the drivers side inlet mechanical carbs you have.
The steel line setup you show is nice! Why not use that?
I sent my 6bbl carbs to Ben at Promax to have them install some of their unique parts (angled rear outboard carb idle screws, center carb merering block, jetable plates, etc), the correct rebuild kits, repair a threaded hole for the accelerator pump, and give them a basic tune.
I also ordered the entire SS braided fuel line kit.
Although I wasn't having any leaks with the factory fuel line setup, it's horrible for anyone who may need to remove it and reinstall as part of jetting and other tuning on an ongoing process. The braided lines and fittings are much easier to deal with.
Mine worked out great, and the other work and parts and labor were top notch.
The biggest problem I had was not flushing the new braided lines before I installed them. They had a significant amount of braid clippings debris inside the lines which went into the tiny orifices of the carbs and made it run really bad until I disassembled everything to flush it all out. I was thinking I should do that but I was rushing to install everything for Cruisin the Coast week, so I didn't.
I too had a really bad time getting Ben on the phone, with the exception of the couple of days I needed help with the cleanup of the debris and other questions once I had got them back.
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