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QA1 K member


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Jan 13, 2013
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Baldwin Park So. Cal.
Happy new year all
Just bought a QA1 K member for my 66 coronet and instructions state that I have to use their LCA and sway bar or use the LCA and sway bar from a 70 b body. I'd rather not spend the money on their LCA as they are pricey so with that being said does anyone want to swap their 70 LCA and sway bar for my 66 LCA and sway bar or is there another way around this dilemma. Thanks for any advice
Should be the same for ebody
You can weld tabs to your 66 LCA in the 1970 position. Bergman auto craft has them, as do others. You would still need a 1970 type sway bar.
I had the factory sway bar and LCAs
on my 70 Roadrunner, in fact, one LCA came from Stephen's Performance in Alabama, to replace a bent one when I first got my car.
When I went with the complete QA1 front suspension including the K-member, I wanted ALL new parts.
The only change I made from QA1 when I had it installed was SPC UCAs instead.
I already sold all my original parts.
If I get the tabs from Bergman do they supply the location on the LCA to weld them or where to find it. Then I can use my LCA and all I need is to get the 70 sway bar
If you can't find the measurements, then you could get all the pieces together, and mock it up on the bench, and locate the sway bar tabs that way.
Surely someone Here as a measurement of where to weld on the new tabs or someone who owns a 70 b body can measure from the C/L of the pivot to the C/L of the sway bar tab and does anyone tell me why you have to use the later Idler arm when using the QA1 k member
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