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Question about weird toilet flapper issue.

Big Bad Dad

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Jun 11, 2011
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Fincastle, Va.
Hey guys, this ain't MOPAR related, but any Plumbers here? I thought maybe somebody on here with experience can help figure this out. I replaced a leaking flapper about a month ago. The toilet is a spare bathroom and only gets flushed a few times a week. The replacement flapper is a red Fluidmaster that I purchased at Ace Hardware. I noticed today that the toilet was trickling again today. I found that there is an area on the perimeter of the new flapper that appears to be rotten or something. That area is distorted, and the edge in the area now has serrations. (Kind of looks like an old style metal bottle cap.) It was not like that when I installed it, something happened afterwards. The home is on a well in an area that has high calcium content in the limestone bedrock. There is a water softener if that makes any difference. Any of you guys ever seen this, and/or know what might have caused it?

toilet 1.jpg
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I'd say it's piss poor manufacturing of said flapper, and even worse QC if it slipped out of the factory like that. I'd go look at others to see how warped they are! Good Luck
Is there one of those toilet cleaner tablets in the upper tank? Take it out & try again...
Does it match the flush tube that it mates to when shut?
If it was non-warped when ya got it, could be it's resting against something - could be a tablet (as has happened to me). Check the drain opening it sits on in case there's some crud there. Never impossible to get one that's defective. Even with hard water these things usually last years..
Yes, it has a tablet that looks like a big, partially dissolved alka-seltzer. Do they screw with rubber stuff??
Being a retired plumber, I used to replace toilet flappers on a regular basis especially in retirement communities.
Old ladies will buy any thing that they are told will make their toilets stay fresh and clean with just a flush.
Do your self a favor and ditch the tablets in the tank as most of them contain a bleach form which will destroy rubber in no time.
Prolonged use of the littlle demon tablets will also disolve the rubber washers on the tank to bowl bolts, and even the tank to bowl gasket in due time
That flapper looks like it has been dry for a prolonged period after being installed.

I used to see that frequently when hotel unit water was shut off for a week or more.
You still need to keep them wet.
Yes, it has a tablet that looks like a big, partially dissolved alka-seltzer. Do they screw with rubber stuff??
As Dartforforty said, Yup... BTDT.. We have three toilets first time I assumed the Fluidmasters were just cheap flappers & defective... So I spent the money for OE Toto flappers... They lasted a little longer but not much.... Then I did the internet searching & found out about the tablets effecting the flappers... So nine flappers & life has been good...

And momma don't put them evil tablets in the tank no more.... Nearly as bad as getting the ol upper decker...
OP here. Thanks guys. I will pull the alka seltzer looking tablets out of both toilets and ask the boss lady to not install more... :thumbsup:
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