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Real Street Wedge?


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Nov 24, 2013
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How to validate someone claiming it's a real 65' Plymouth Street Wedge car?
VIN's, fender tag, anything else?
Like to see pics, especially if it is a survivor...
The reason I asked is because I want to be "dead-nut" on when I go inspect. It's not that I don't trust the guy, but he's a dealer. Sometimes he exaggerates (benefit of dought) when he acquires a car he believes to be rare. At any rate, he claims to have two real 426 4sp 65' Belvedere Street Wedge cars.
I'm not in the market, but maybe someone else would. I'll let y'all know what I find out.
streetwedg said it should be stamped 80 under AB on vin tag. No sure if that applies to '64's as well.
I'm no expert on this, but I think "street wedge" is a fancy sales term for a 426 wedge motor that is NOT a max wedge....still cool, don't get me wrong.
I'm no expert on this, but I think "street wedge" is a fancy sales term for a 426 wedge motor that is NOT a max wedge....still cool, don't get me wrong.
426 cu in 365 hp single four bbl. it was the biggest engine you could buy for a street car in 1964 and 65. Although some made it to the street, the max wedge and race hemi were meant to be race only packages.
I would be interested in seeing pics of them too. I have owned my car since 1980 and have only seen two other 1965 426 streetwedge 4 speed no option cars. One was a four door. Been collecting parts for many years, but now health problems. I’m not sure I will be able to get it done.
Well, here's the skinny. The first car isn't a Street Wedge and it's a POS. However, the second one (pics) appears to be a real Street Wedge. Fender tag has 80 under AB, if it hasn't been changed. I was rushed for time but looks like the original engine. Don't know about the trans. It now has an auto. Pedals are still in the car. I don't think the steering wheel is original. Haha
Does have rusty quarters.
Anyone interested PM me for contact info.

20190212_102004.jpg 20190212_101929.jpg 20190212_102135.jpg 20190212_102023.jpg 20190212_101916.jpg 20190212_101904.jpg
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From Greg Lane's site: https://racehemi.maxwedge.com
"In late 1964 a new 426 cubic inch block casting number 2532230 began production. It is not however a Max Wedge block. This block is commonly found to be used for 1965 426 Street Wedge engines. I do not know that this block was used in 1964 passenger car applications of any kind. The earliest version of this casting number I have heard of or seen is April of 1964 which puts this casting number a good month after Max Wedge engine production was ended. If anyone out there knows of an earlier casting date using this casting number please let me know what you know and how you know it"
I have a 64 Dodge original street wedge they came with 11 brakes and a front sway bar. They also had chrome valve covers and air cleaner. The 64 has the same block as the max wedge just low compression and mild hyd cam and single four barrel.
On the fender tag, 80 under AB.

Yep, the 80 is the code that you need to look for on a '65. I've owned my 426W car for almost 40 years now. Picked it up for $1500 back when these things were just used cars. Mine is a Coronet 500 with the 426W and a four speed. Mine doesn't have a lot of options, had the console and tach, back up lights, radio with reverb and tinted windows. No PS, PB or AC. The cars pictured look horrible to me. I don't have enough time left on earth to tackle rusted out hulks like that! I can barely keep mine running and it is in much nicer shape that either of those hulks.
DSC_2420 (Large).jpeg
Thanks for the pictures. Brings back good memories. I had a 65 Belvy big block 4 speed when I was 19. Being 62 now that would be quite the hand full of work.Curiosity killed the cat. What state is it in? I live in Minnesota. Thanks again.Fun to talk about. Keeps a guy healthy
The car is resting in Wichita Falls, TX. I had my fingers crossed it was gonna be a Belvedere 1, 2dr post. Too bad, I'd bought it. Mine's not a true Street Wedge. But it's fun.