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rear axle gear noise , what to do , If anything

I installed new Green Bearings...I know they are not the original MOPAR type Tapered Bearings...I then adjusted the pre-load according to the FSM and got it all back and into the car.

Preload on green (non-tapered roller) bearings?
Preload on green (non-tapered roller) bearings?
IMO....IF "GRERN" style bearings (single row ball bearing) are installed pre loaded, you will have the opportunity to do it again as the bearing will fail in short order.....i'll stay with the adjustable TIMKEN tapered roller bearing. Subject for discussions......
The noise you are describing is gear noise. It's occurung during what we call float. No accel or decell. Any noisy gear set will almost always be the loudest during float at the speeds you mention. There is no fix without gear replacement.
Preload on green (non-tapered roller) bearings?
I had to back of the adjusters a tad because I had them too tight causing a slight drag as I turned the axles. My explanation was the only way I knew of how to do so. I also know that the Green's don't require it as the Cone type do. And I will also add...I am just a shade tree kind of mechanic so y'all that have those bottomless money pits and can have someone else do it for you that is better qualified, well hats off to you!!! In my case I am the latter...cr8crshr/Bill:usflag::usflag::usflag:
Ive had the center section out once already before a few months back.
And This car does NOT have the roller type green bearings on the axles. Although it did come with a set they were and still are in boxes on the shelf.

If Im pulling it back apart again , its gonna be a difference worth noting

I have a line on an assembled center diff and plan to change the whole center section with 3.23s
I bought a set of US Gears made in the US in hopes of good quality and quiet running. Somewhat better than the 2 sets of Richmond Gears which I would describe as bad - although it could be the mechanic that set them up. But they still have the float noise as DVW termed it. Some have suggested the best way to get a quiet gear set is find an old OE set preferably still set up but if lacking a sure grip transfer them over maintaining the same tooth pattern.