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Rear window chrome attachment


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Oct 27, 2017
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Guys need your expertise and experience on attaching my chrome trim to the rear window clips. Because I replaced my roof skin I needed to drill new holes which I am in the process of doing.

I am trying to test fit my first clip but the trim will not fit unless the screw is loosened up. I know it’s supposed to be an interference fit with the clip acting in a spring action but even with a dead blow trying to get this one clip to fit in isn’t happening. The chrome edge is like 80 thousandths and the clip isn’t budging.

Any thoughts about what I might be doing wrong?

Thanks MF

Doubt you're doing anything wrong, it's the **** reproduction clips.
Funny you mentioned that Wayne. I just tried these other clips (the lower set) I have and they work. They are a little larger but they have more spring action. The pictures you sent me use the initial type I tried. Do you recognize these other clips (lower set)? My bags were not marked and I am trying to sort these two types out.

I recently have come across clips that simply will not open up and accept the trim....... I had another set, slightly different; and they worked fine....... I think your clips suck

BUT........... I bet you can screw the clip tight, and use a "tool" to bend the clip open just a little so it cooperates
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it's sad when we have to phuk with every single piece in order to do a task.......and it seems to be every task

it's not suppose to be that difficult
Yeah I measured the thickness of the two different clips. The original is 35 thousandths and the other is 25 thousandths. Both apparently spring steel. The 35 thousandths thick is solid and has zero spring action. Note the design of the lower pictured clips. The eyelet is relieved making it even more flexible.

Heres the issue I believe. The clips show score marks that would relieve the eyelet IF cut but they are only scored not cut. This relief is needed to make the clip flex.

Obviously the die they used was worn out or never set up properly in the first place darn it.

Thankfully most of what was on my car before resto were still good. Not sure if they were OE's or something the glass shop used in '88 when I had them re and re my back glass for leaking. I had to tweak the reproduction clips.
2014-08-02 002 001.JPG
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2014-08-02 002 005.JPG
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2014-08-02 002 007.JPG
Well I have a solution that I have confirmed by fitting the chrome on successfully. I am using the below clips that actually have spring action. The only issue with these are that they are a bit too tall. So I had to modify them by grinding the arched tops down about 1/16. Then all is good.


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