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Restoring the hardboard headliners


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Feb 13, 2018
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Does anyone know of a good method to restore the 66 Charger one piece headliner?
I'm not familiar with that particular headliner, but I had a friend that was a body man. He told me to take off all the interior trim & remove the board. I'm assuming this would be out the back hatch of a 66 Charger. Remove the old headliner. Lay out the new cloth & glue in place using a bodywork plastic squeegee to keep the wrinkles out as you go. Let it dry & trim the excess with a razor blade. I hope this is a "little bit" helpful. I'm sure there interior specialists on this website who have more/better information.
What do you have to do to yours?
Ours was intact and I only had to freshen it up with SEM.
I think the back was a little different then the more common A body cardboard ones.
Some sort of formed stuff.
The foamed backed headliner cloth you can get most anywhere might work if you have damage to cover up though.
That's a standard repair.
Spray glue and stick.
You can remove it out the side, door open and windows down.
Mine has minor dings / imperfections that need to be filled / repaired. My biggest concern is that the foam headliner cloth will dull out the recessed detailed in the original headliner. Also, the car is Citron Gold and finding that color paint / dye is extreamly difficult. I'm going to search for a really thin foam -- don't know what else to do.
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I believe there are several YouTube videos on revamping the one piece headliners. The newer vehicles useing almost the same might give you some ideas on the restoration.
I haven't done anything to mine yet, but have considered gluing a thin black felt over the existing board.
Well, I took the one piece headliner board to four different upholstery shops. None of them could offer me any suggestions on how to retain the original Citron Gold -- weird looking green. I ended up gluing the thinnest headliner foam I could get (1/8 inch.). I really wanted to keep the original look but I couldn't find Citron Gold green anywhere. So -- I ended up with a black headliner. It's unfortunate there aren't more reproduction options for these cars.
The hardest thing about this line of Chargers is the lack of reproduction parts. Just not enough cars around to warrant making them either. My board is originally black, so it'll be easier for me. Good thing though is if you ever found something closer to the original, the board co.es out fairly easy.