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Roller Cam Extinction?

We just sent 22 FORD FE used cam cores for regrind, so that we can get something for inventory since it takes so long for any kind of cores these days.
It's more of a core supply issue right now than anything. My dad has been needing a cam since April 2022. Nothing fancy just a solid flat tappet around .600 lift for a SB. Ordered a Mopar Perforance one from Jegs that said would ship a in a few weeks back in April...still nothing. After checking with a few dealerships and pretty much realizing he's never going to get the MP cam, he ordered a Howards cam thru Summit in July. It was supposed to ship end of Sept, that got pushed out until the end of Oct than middle of November. At the beginning of Nov I inquired about the cam as it was suppose to ship the next week and was told it was on schedule. The ship day came and went and than the date got pushed out until March 2023. I even contacted Howards directly in July and was told 6-8 weeks. I ended up cancelling that order and getting a refund as I had paid for the cam in July and never got nothing and it was going to take almost a year to get it, if the March date stayed legit, which I doubt it would. If I contacted about my order a week before it's to ship and you tell me its on schedule but than push it out another 4 months, that's BS. I have since found Racer Brown had cores and he has grind a cam that is shipping today.
Did you get any kind of feel for additional Roller Cam blanks availability?
Did you get any kind of feel for additional Roller Cam blanks availability?
Depends on the cores required. I can usually get SBC, LS and BBC cores next day aired when needed, unless the BBC and SBC cams need an LS firing order. Those take longer as do most of our SBF cams. BBF cams are also a huge lead time currently as well as anything Mopar related.
I have been in contact with Howards regularly the past couple of months, as I am waiting on a solid roller I ordered in July. As I’m told directly from them, the issue is core material availability. I was told that thus far Howards has resisted the option of sourcing core material from anywhere other than the sources they have relied upon for years. This is obviously causing issues for them production wise, but they can at least feel confident in the quality of their materials, which should be priority #1 in my mind.
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