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Satellite anyone?


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Dec 24, 2013
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Surprise, Arizona
This car was sold new in Phoenix and never left. It is yellow, but not staying yellow. Originally a 400 automatic, console, buckets, AC, and half vinyl top. I have the interior mostly out and the trunk cleaned out. I am not surprised at the condition of the body, there is something to say about desert cars. It is getting dissasembled all the way to rolling shell, first stop will be to Al's unibody, then back home for the install of the full US Car Tool frame kit. Then to to the blaster for strip and epoxy coat. Then back home for suspension and drive train mock up before going in for paint.









Aaaaaahhh!!! Don’t restore that thing!
Desert cars are the best and as they say, they’re only original once.
wow........ make sure the brakes are good, cause you can't use your feet to slow that one down
Have you ever had a car blasted? It's a mess for a long time.

That one doesn't look like blasting is necessary.
I would have a real hard time deviating from the original FY1 yellow on that car.
Is that a Satellite Sebring Plus? I love the color separation with the trim and argent silver below.
Yes. RP23 is SSP for '72. My first car in '85 was a 318 Honeydew Gold/Silver lower car.
Cool project! Those fuselage cars seem to make really good restomods. Keep us posted!
Nice! Rust free, mostly dent free, rallye gauges, console and a big block. Great start!
Rare find these days - a big block high-impact color rust-free car! I hate see an SSP FY1 two tone car get a color change, but I guess its better than letting it sit in a field. It's just paint - the next guy can always fix it.
Very nice! Whats the plan? Hellcat?
Looks like a great Satellite! I loved driving our 72. Hoping to again this summer. So are you going to let us in on the new color/gen2 hemi?:poke:
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Factory 400 big block is cool. Are you going big power with it or something? Just wondering as you mention us car tool frame connectors/tying
Very nice! Whats the plan? Hellcat?

Factory 400 big block is cool. Are you going big power with it or something? Just wondering as you mention us car tool frame connectors/tying

It will stay big block in the form of a tunnel rammed 540 Hemi. Overdrive automatic, 3.55 gears. QA1 tubular K member with coil overs, QA1 4 link with coil overs in the back. Big Wilwood brakes, 17" and 18" wheels, lowered 2". The AC and heat will work. This one will be a cruiser, not specifically a drag car or track car. That is the plan right now.

Since it is a Satellite, not a RR or GTX, I am not going to try and make it something it is not.
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