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Shift rod adjustment question.


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Jun 19, 2014
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67 coronet original linkage for the column shifter and trans to engine is a 318 set up.
back when the 383 & 727 went in the car I was able to adjust all the trans to engine/carb linkage so it would work and shift correct. 1st to 2nd was aprox 25 mph and 2nd to 3rd was aprox 35 to 40 mph at normal throttle cruising in drive.
Now I have installed a 440 and using the same trans , same stall speed as before but a reman aprox 1,200 /1,300 rpm convertor.
Since the 440 is a RB I had to extend the rod from the lower bell crank that comes up to the back of the engine/intake. I added 3/4" to that rod. I am still using the same intake mounted throttle cable mount and rod/bell crank as before on the 383.

Now when driving at cruising speed in drive my 1st to 2nd shift point is still 25 mph but the 2nd to 3rd shift point has went to aprox 50 mph.
What rod should I try 1st to adjust and what direction ? right now the carb shift rod slide and rod ride 1/4" off the pin also I do use a light spring back to the bell crank on that one.
Thanks for any ideas
Extend the sliding(carb) rod at least until the rear of slide is against the throttle pin. I’ve got a 440 with complete linkage from original 383. Make sure settings are done from FSM. Buy a “male-female’ threaded adapter. Light throttle 2-3 oughta be more like 25-30.
Thanks oldbee, I had figured since that RB was taller I would have to extend the vertical rod.
I will just put it all back to were it was on the 383 and make sure I am on the throttle pin.
I have a 67 manual out in the garage just have to find it. lol
Yep it’s higher, you may have to extend both vert.&horiz.