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Shipping alternative


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Mar 30, 2023
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Throwing out to board oversight and any one else. So being a trucker I'm always looking for extra income. With shipping costs being what they are I might have thought outside the box. We all have items that need to go elsewhere and people keep talking ups, FedEx etc. I almost always have room for a pallet or two. I mostly know my routes 4 days to a week in advance. Now this is my thought example. Joe in Tennessee has a fender to go to Kansas. I'm already trucking that route getting paid for my main load. Fender could catch a ride for a few bucks of fuel. Dont want to make this a load board but if shipper could save some dollars and I could add a few to my total, or at least buy a lunch, would there be any interest. My thoughts are create a forum with drivers here posting their routes or people posting what they need delivered. Maybe more headache or not even possible with website regs. Just thinking while driving.



A sister site ForABodiesOnly,com has had a FABO Transportation Network thread going for years now. I've never personally used it but just its longterm existence seems to show a need.

I don't want to derail your thread into the next lane but a customer told me about PirateShip.com a few weeks ago.

Arghhhhhh!! In just 6 outgoing shipments ranging from a few ounces to a huge a$$ box full of Dart grille, those six customers have collectively saved almost $200 versus UPS and USPS counter prices. I'm a fan already and am telling everybody. Tech will even tell you pirate jokes while they get your questions answered matey!!
Hadn't really looked into others possibly being available. Lots of time to myself thinking out loud finally
I think the logistics to make this effective and helpful to others would be more trouble than it's worth. Let's put the shoe on the other foot. You pick up a load at point X, drive to point Y to pick up a fender that happens to be 2 or more hours out of your way, then drive to point z to drop you load or deliver the fender. Then drive to your final destination point. How's that going to work if you're late to deliver your load?