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Shipping Wow

Lately it’s crazy. $5.00 bushings, shipped in way too big box for $9.00 shipping. And a huge box for a dipstick tube.

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Shifter shaft to kick down shaft seals. Nailed for the $34US flat rate box by a guy off ebay for USPS. They could have gone in an envelope for a buck... but hey you can't lose a big box... ffs. He could have at least added a pizza...
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Anyway to send this post to all of the offenders? They need to know that we really don't
appreciate it!
Ohhh the USPS can lose anything ... well or maybe just miss place it . This package finally arrived at my PO on July 26 . Packaging and labeling were perfect . This redirecting of packages to wrong distribution centers or sorting facilities has been going on for several years .... it is NOT covid related . it is a problem in the automated scanning system , particularly with the facillity in SLC Ut , 84198 . Am currently waiting for a package that has gone in and out of the SLC Ut sorting facility twice . I have kept the shipping record from USPS for many packages that have gone "walkabout" . Yet UPS seems to be able to get it right ...

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Lazy shippers piss me off. If i advertise something for sale on a site where the sale will involve shipping then I already have the mindset that packaging and drop off will be involved. Buyer pays shipping costs. Rates are all accessible online. If shipping something and doing a good job of packaging is a problem for you then you shouldn’t advertise in places like FBBO, etc where a buyer is more likely not to be local. Retailers would also do well to offer shipping alternatives to paying customers and use appropriate packaging to keep costs down. Shipping costs are now an inportant deciding factor in a sale.
The first sentence of post #27. I need a tee shirt that says that.
What is worse is the guys who are happy to buy from all over, but won’t ship. Guess what, you aren’t THAT busy. No, you’re not. If you’re not willing to ship then post your stuff on a local site, and just buy there, too.
But buyers need to wake up, as well. It takes time to pack properly. Relax. And shipping is going to be expensive. It’s not 1957 anymore. It’s not even 2007 anymore. If you can’t afford the hobby then take up chess.
I'd use USPS every chance I get.
Just got this this morning. The way it should have been sent. $3.99 No issues. About a week or so.

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USPS and packages getting stuck at random places for up to a week. Last 4 packages took 10 days.
Everyone should try receiving a package from out of your own country. Stuck at customs will try anyone's patients. I ordered a leadscrew for my lathe a few years ago. Got to the border no problem. 6 weeks at the border tied up in customs. The seller was wondering WTF. I told him to relax they probably thought it was a rifle barrel for the first 3 weeks and was wondering how the bullets got through for the last three weeks. It eventually made it.
Great to be Canadian! :canada:
I dred waiting to see how destroyed my package is going to be when I see it's been shipped usps, and good luck trying to get reimbursed for damage
Bought a nice piece of trim from a member here. The box showed up in a 90 degree angle. I was pissed. I immediately went to the PO and they told me that the sender had to make the claim. So the seller ships it in perfect condition, you folks bend the piss out of it and the buyer gets it. Then the buyer has to contact the seller and tell him that the PO ruined the package/part,, and to please file a claim. Makes sense, not! Never again
Got my relay from Lennox today. Atta Boy Dave!
I was shafted by Year One many years ago - bought a few parts that would have fitted into a small box.

What arrived was a massive carton, filled with one of every one of their catalogues at the time - all of around 16 books.....like telephone books.

The catalogues were 'free' ....but I was clobbered with a hefty shipping and Customs charge as a result. :mob:
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