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slow turn left "shudder"; sure grip?


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Jul 15, 2017
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Nova Scotia, Canada
hi guys, just getting the (68 charger, 440, tremec tko 600, 8 3/4) car on the road after a 5 year build (Project Unicorn - 1968 Charger Restoration). At very low speed, turning left only, at certain points, I feel a "shudder" in the steering/body - almost feels like tire rubbing. I've ruled out the tire rubbing - at least I think so. So I'm wondering if this could be the new sure grip in the 8 3/4 rear end. But, it's only when turning left which I can't explain. Could be something else entirely but wanted to run it by you guys. no noises or vibrations or anything else from the rear end when at high or low speeds straight. in case you're wondering, just an at home alignment so far, but runs straight and no darting, etc.

any advice appreciated, thanks
Every Ford van Ive had with a Dana and Traction-Loc has done the same thing.... always Left too. I assume that stinky friction modifier would help but those vans never had an issue as-is for the life of the vehicles. Just a little shutter as it centers itself.
Thanks, I did throw in A bottle of friction modifier with the oil before running it, maybe not enough?
Yep, agree with Don. Several guys here run two bottles of the Motorcraft stuff.
You could also find an empty parking lot, and do some slow figure eights to work the lube into the suregrip.
Dad tree'd me. I type slowly.
Thanks guys, I'll take both suggestions and give it a shot - another bottle of modifier and i'll find a parking lot for the figure 8's ...
Do the figure 8s first. You don’t want to use more friction modifier than needed.
Thanks, I did throw in A bottle of friction modifier with the oil before running it, maybe not enough?
One Dana I had exhibited a similar problem. I ended up putting 2 tubes of sure grip additive in it and driving it in figure 8's for 30 minutes before it quit the chatter.
Get an oil that has friction modifier all ready in it. You will then know the the ratio of FM to oil is correct.
I use Redline Syn gear lube.
Green bearings on the axles.......are not really great for street use sometimes they tend to bind or chatter when making turns .......just some references from my local Mopar guys trying to help .....may not be the center section at all .....just something to think about :)
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