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Sonic Ram motor value?

Geff McCarthy

FBBO Gold Member
FBBO Gold Member
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11:56 PM
Aug 5, 2019
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Portland OR
I have a disassembled 64K sonic ram motor, all parts except correct carbs. carb linkage missing + matching original 727. I have finally accepted advice from elders here that I cannot stuff it into my 63 Sport Fury vert.
What might it be worth? thanks in advance
This is a 300J/300K 413 engine? Or a 361/383? I have seen it done. You need to notch the fenderwells. You might try FCBO also.
What is stamped on the top pad of the block?

What is stamped on the drivers side of the trans case above the pan?
Block: 1852029, = 62-3 413
and 2205697 =413/426?
a 4bbl manifold: 4100340-1
I micrometerd the bore: 4 11/64
crank 2206160 = forged 413 62-65
heads: 2408516 (2 ea) = 64 413 300K ram
a single Carter AFB 350S
Correct (I think) K exhaust manifolds, 1 broken in half, but weldable
I don't think i copied any numbers off the 727, but...
My brother was a MOPAR nut, and very precise. He had a rusty K convertible body, but sold it when his COPD became disabling.
Thanks again for your help!
Are you talking about the cross ram setup? If someone in the U.K. can fit it into a '63 Fury, it should work on this side of the pond as well.

Thanks for reference. Car was sold 7y ago, and dealer said it was made at the factory for racing. ad also says '62 long ram motor. and it says Max Wedge, which maybe it was from factory?
photo of VIN tag is blurred.
now i am more confused....!