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Sorry, 1971 Cuda Help Please


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Oct 27, 2015
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Kansas City, Mo
Right out of the gate, I apologize for asking this on the B Body Site, but I did not know where to turn. You folks are so kind. If there is another place where I should check, I will certainly do so if you will provide coaching.

My brother in law bought a 1971 Cuda new when we were just getting out of high school (we are within months, the same age). He has had some health problems and now would LOVE to find his old Cuda. If you can believe it, he still has the original Loan Papers on the Car. WOW! Here is the SN.

SN BP23-G1B-324612

I would love to help him and my sister out. It was the car he had while dating my sis. It was his first real car. Get this, he bought it with money he made Sacking Groceries and Cutting Meat at his local Grocery store in NE, Mo. Try that today. Thanks in advance, B.
Wait, above 'Cuda found already?

Well, for anyone else still looking just a quick hint: I found my parents factory special ordered '71 Road Runner in only an hour (by accident) on a facebook group page for '71-'72 Road Runners after I mentioned the year and color of their old car. A facebook member sent me a photo of the California license plate of the Road Runner still attached to the rear bumper that I recognized immediately as being on our car! I was always assuming the vehicle had been wrecked/crushed.

Might be a group like that on facebook for Barracudas? Hope you find it.

GSA Road Runner 3 copy.jpg GSA Road Runner 2 copy.jpg
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If only all of them were that easy.....
It may be banged up, but still better news than finding out it was scrapped long ago...
Oh Yea, now contacting seller. Fingers Crossed. Banged up and a LOT of parts gone and we have not yet seen what the interior looks like. So, fingers crossed. Thanks again B.
OK, so I told my Brother in Law about the are and sent him the link. He is contacting the seller. Hope to learn something soon. Just in case you are curious, here is a pic of him and the car when it came home from the Dealership in March of 1971. Look at the smile on that kids face and sporting the tie just off from work at the Grocery. :). Thank you all again for your work and encouraging words. It means a lot to us.
That's an interesting pic.

Isn't a "BP" VIN a Gran Coupe?

There's no engine call out on the sport hood.

Was the sport hood an option on a 318 powered Gran Coupe?

That's an interesting side stripe as well.

Are these dealer installed if the car was bought new?

I agree- AMAZING 2 E body cars found withing weeks.
Good Morning to all. First a catch up on the "Found" car. My Brother In Law (BIL) has sent three messages, no return. :-(. So, lets hope that he can hear soon. Good Questions from YY1. Here are the responses from B-I-L.

"Yes it was a grand coupe to get around the insurance premiums being so high if it said Cuda you paid more insurance"

"Yes the sport hood was an option on the 318 the stripes came as well there also was a spoiler on the bottom front that’s not there now that you could get, I added that later. I probably will join the site but the other side on the car question, i have sent notes three times, no response". that from From BIL

Now me back. I snuck this pic out of the archives, Here is what it looked like after he had it for awhile. I think I remember he put a 340 in the car to give it a bit more Zip, and Zip it had. Wish you all the Best on this nice weather day in the KC area. Best, B.

I did read on the build sheet interpretation it had a go wing, chin spoilers, and elastomeric bumpers as well as a roof console. However I don't believe V1X is what they say it is.

Fairly high end options and somewhat rare on a GC.

Did not see the sport hood. IIRC that was an A51 or something like that.
Hope you guys get it.