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Speedometer Cable Grommet

Toxic Orange 493

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Apr 29, 2010
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Has anyone seen a firewall grommet for the speedometer cable that is split to just slip over the cable?

I ordered a new speedometer cable from a well known Mopar person. When I got it I was surprised that the firewall grommet was not installed on it because all of the for sale pictures show a cable with the grommet already on. I really didn't want to fit getting the grommet on the cable, but just accepted that I would have to. When I opened the cable and the grommet, the grommet is split to just slip over the cable. I asked about this and was told that this is how they have been supplied from Mopar for the last 25 years or more. I was more than surprised by that becuase, first the grommet does not even fit tight around the cable and the split just gives water an additional path to get inside the car. I just wanted to see if this is a first or if that is really how the grommets have been supplied.
They go on before the ends are crimped in place during manufacture. Some sell them without and there isn't a hope in hell you can stretch it over a '66 cable like this. You might get one spread over a plastic clip one for '68 and up with some warmth and creativity. They are sold separate as well, as the same one is used for the Ramcharger/Airgrabber hood cables, and they come solid not split.
1966plysathp2pt7 006.jpg
Thanks! That is what I expected. Here is a picture of the grommet as I received it right out of the bag with the cable.

I just ordered the correct grommet from Detroit Muscle. So I guess I will have to get creative and get it on over the plastic end.
Appears they got creative after they ordered cables without them on it. Share the source so nobody else is in the same boat. A funnel tip cut at the right spot and boiling hot water should get you on. Make sure you have it pointed the correct way as you won't get it back off!
You might try weatherstrip adhesive on that split grommet and glue the ends together.