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TCI Streetfighter valve body clean out.


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Dec 26, 2016
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Has anyone ever striped one of these down or have a link or pictures of the exploded view? I have disassembled the valve but only had the 727 service manual and the obviously have a ball where the standard valve doesn’t. I’m pretty sure I know where it goes. The casing has a witness mark where the ball would sit.
but then I watched a video of a BnM shift kit and it’s in a different spool. I’m struggling to find any info on TCI. Tried to call today but was on hold and then they closed so will have to try tomorrow

A89791D4-B188-497D-8275-03F42493A200.jpeg 4D727478-E27D-4175-A66C-B9F62F7B13A8.jpeg D6395803-1DDF-475A-A2B0-AF8DA7AD06C3.jpeg 6853D547-4B07-4023-B337-793F30007701.jpeg
the pic is of the BnM shift kit. Which seems quite similar to what i have. Maybe im reading that wrong. is it saying for the 1971 VB and up use the middle spool 1-2 and for offroad use the spool with the white ball in it?

It appears the ball is used as a stop for the 1-2 valve. Is this a manual VB?
The different aftermarket valve body manufactures did different things. I'd just buy a new valve body. Yours appears to be screwed up.
I assume there is a TCI tag or etched numbers on the case. That will be needed for a schematic of the valve body. Did you buy it new? If not someone else may of been in there.
Well I’ve found a source on the net for a trans scar kit for TCI. Seems like this is what was done to this valve. Tried to contact TCI today and was on hold for 20 mins before getting a fella who then put me onto someone’s answering machine. So contacting them from Australia is just getting to hard at the minute.
Cleaned up all the spools and soaked everything in Brakleen over night. Got some snot out of it. Can only wait and see. The only thing that I’ve found different to anything else so far is an extra spring on the little slug opposite the pressure reducing valve.

E3A6C3A3-17C1-4051-A0EB-CEE183439380.jpeg FA1724F8-C71B-480F-8D94-1D1587F84E98.jpeg 30A46E81-FE88-48C6-AC59-B2F5B24F1887.jpeg 3184D10A-72C2-4488-80E0-9070B6D25D42.jpeg B1DA9A19-8192-45D5-B005-3E312C9BC19D.jpeg E85B88B3-8DCB-4815-85EF-DAC627319AB0.jpeg
Carb cleaner will take the gunk off easier than brake clean.
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