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The Carlisle 2021 thread

I will be there Carlisle Friday, Williams Grove Friday night, Carlisle Saturday then hit Port Royal on my way home Saturday night.
Reserved my room a month ago. Can't wait!
I'm likely not going, because I'd end up with another car that I have no business buying! I can't stop...I want them all.
Stayin there Wed-Sun. Never missed that show since it started. Looking forward to chatting at the FBBO tent again.
Registered for the showfield and the hotel is booked from Thursday to Sunday, look forward to hopefully seeing everyone this year. Unfortunately the Charger is still not ready and most likely won't be for awhile, that said we will be in the 1965-1968 C-body class
Kick off is at the Expo center across from gate "K" Thursday. Drag Racing is Friday 2pm till................

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Booked a room last year, lets see if I can get a shot and get over the border by then.
I registered my Plymouth this year as we are planning on some major drivetrain revitalising on the charger so I was hesitant to commit to having it ready by July.
Around here it's tough to even start on anything before may.
I'm thinking of maybe registering my 93 Dakota just so I can have a bunch of extra space to haul stuff.
H-I, My Rooms Reserved ! I haven't Registered yet, as not sure what I'll drive in, BUT, will be there, "Hell, or High Water". I'd like to make the Drags on Friday, so details appreciated, THANKS for Posting !
RC and I should have a best out of 3 match race with our bronze cars
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