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The Creep Wagon


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FBBO Gold Member
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12:18 PM
Dec 16, 2015
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Tiverton RI
Well some of you know about my 65 Belvedere (Creep) wagon. That's what the wife calls it. Anyway it's a project and I had a lot of fun driving it this year. Since the trans let go after a trip to an Anthrax/Hatebreed/Black Label Society concert I've decided to upgrade. As far as I know the engine and trans have never been out of the car. That's a pretty good run. I bought a 79 360 and started gathering parts. I am also going with an A727 instead of rebuilding the original 904. I'm going for the oldschool dragstrip look.
Today I got my grandson to give me a hand. We pulled the tired 273. I welded an engine hoist on the back of my old farm tractor and it made for a pretty easy pull.

nice, I wish I would have thought of that rigging when I pulled some motor home motors!
nice, I wish I would have thought of that rigging when I pulled some motor home motors!
I did have to add a 40lb dumbell to the front for added ballast weight. So far so good. I haven't tried a big block yet. Might have to add another 40lbs for that.
The 360 got power washed this weekend. It is surprisingly clean. I pulled off the water pump and it looks new. Now I'll contact my buddy and see when he wants me to bring it over. New motor and tranny mounts are in along with the new oil pan and pickup tube.

I feel your pain! My wife calls my Dodge van the PERV van. She wasn't amused when I told her that perv stands for Pete's Excellent Recreational Vehicle! My wife won't go within 50 feet of it!

Love it! The funny thing is that wife used to drive the Creep Wagon. She told people it was the Creep Wagon.
My wife learned to drive in a 64 Belvedere wagon. One day she forgot to set the parking brake and they found the car across the street on the neighbors front lawn!
I went to a dinner at my friend's gun club and they had a raffle, and I won all kinds of candy,including a huge jawbreaker that looked like a ball gag! Lol So I displayed all the candy out on the front seat,took a picture and called it my PERV Van starter kit!
The toasted 904 came out today. Now to contact the trans shop about a new 727.
Since I had no help and the grandson was sick I decided to man up and get the 727 in myself. 2 ratchet tie downs and my floor jack did the trick. Crossmember with the new adaptor trans mount are bolted in. I hope everything lines up with the motor.

I am picking up the 360 from my buddies shop this week. I ordered an aftermarket 360 flexplate. Now is there a torque spec for the flexplate to crank bolts? Also should I ad a little locktite to the threads? I think I remember someone in the past mentioning that.
Loc-tite on the plate to converter bolts.
I had one of those for a while. The only complaint i had is that you need to be a 3-legged man to run the thing with an implement attached.
Love the 3-point engine hoist set-up, that looks like a 8N tractor? I have a "49" 8N, might have to build a rig like that!
It was really easy to set up. Just a couple of steel plates at the top mount and welded the bottom to a spare draw bar.
$15 or so should get you this-