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The return of MAXIMVS...


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Jan 15, 2020
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Okeechobee, Florida
This is probably no big deal... except to me. I sold my 1963 Savoy (MAXIMVS) in 2007 to a man who shared a passion for the 62-65 B Body super stock era mopars. When I sold the Savoy, the man told me that if he ever decided to sell the car, he would contact me. He did. I was in the end stages of finishing a 1966 Coronet post car project. Long story short, I just sold the Coronet post car to a man who wanted the Coronet to fund the buy back of my old Savoy. If it was for any other car than MAXIMVS, I would never have sold the Coronet.

The Savoy has history with me and I am glad to have it back. I will post progress as I bring the car back into a streetable version with some NMCA/NSS action once I have it all sorted out.

MAXIMVS is my avatar.

I know getting your old ride back will make you happy, if you sold a fresh built car for its return. Looking forward to your progress.
I'm happy for you. I'd sell my 68 Coronet I just finished rebuilding, if it was to buy back my 69 Charger I had in my formative years. I contacted the guy years later, and he said he'd never sell it. ...Drag :(
It surprised me when you sold MAXIMVS.....and glad you got it back!
cool story would love to see pics please.
Thanks! I was fortunate that I sold the car to a man of his word and got the first shot at getting it back. Graphics are still on the car, same super tricks and slicks as well. The spool and 4.56's will have to go though, I think I can stand 4.10's on the street. I sold the car without the motor but it comes back with a tired 440, real max wedge heads and factory crossram. I ran it with fenderwell headers but those are going bye-bye and I'll fix my fenderwell hacking sins. I'm going with max wedge exhaust manifolds, they should be enough to run 11.50 - 12.0 for the NSS indexes I'll probably run. Some mechanical changes were made but no biggies. I'm really looking forward to starting on it next month when I have some time and space.

Here's a peek a week or so ago, I'll get some better pics when I pick it up.


Its nice when people keep their word,the guy I sold my charger lied all day long.Wish I never sold it. :BangHead:
I love the old Maxies! Glad you had an honest guy to make a deal with.. you’ll be happy! Just keep us in the loop as you get it all put back together.
Happy for you! My niece and her family will have to deal with my 63 MW Fury when I go because I'm NOT SELLING! ruffcut
Thanks guys. I stumbled across a set of rims (Halibrand's) that might look good considering I can't use the Cragar Super Tricks on the street, pics attached.


20211214_193845.jpg 20211214_193858.jpg 20211214_193913.jpg
This time around, I'm losing the MW scoop and going with a flat hood. I'm deleting all the fiberglass (hood, bumpers and decklid). If anyone might be interested in these, let me know. I'll post them in the classifieds along with pics of them when the car gets here in a few weeks.

I have most of the metal pieces I need to facilitate the replacement of the race fiberglass parts:
  • Steel hood and hood hinges
  • Steel decklid
  • Front and rear bumpers from AMD (on the way)
Car will be home 1/9 or 1/10. Once I assess what needs to be done, I'll start disassembly. I'll document in this thread the as-found condition and progress to return the Savoy to the street. I'm going to thoroughly enjoy this.

Max will be home 1/15-1/16. Steel body parts are in-hand to replace the race fiberglass I installed years ago and will be ready for the transformation back to street/strip duty. I do not intend to make a perfect max wedge clone, the Savoy will bear strip scars and some if not most of the appearance will be battle worn, as I think it should be. This is not an original maxie and will not be passed off as one but will legitimately be a representative example of what might have been raced in the late sixties and what I raced it as in the early 2000's. I rescued the car from a barn in Aylmer Canada where it had been previously campaigned. See the Hemmings article for that background.

I plan on having fun with the car and making it fully streetable while being race ready for some NSS and bracket action. I have argued with myself about removing the MAXIMVS graphics but have decide to leave them as they are part of MY history racing the car and it's not like I'm going for a sleeper look. That work was done by D&N Design in Honeybrook PA and it is truly a work of art, real gold/silver leaf applique - a lost art, IMO. I watched it go on and man was that an education.