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The sad demise of American car culture

Born in 82 so depending on whos chart you look at I end up as a millennial. Dad was a mechanic and I followed his footsteps.

But as for current car culture it's alive but in different more affordable cars the tuner guys have their thing going like them or not I can still respect it. (There are some really nicely built and fast tuners out there)
For the older cars its the prices and availability that kill a lot of interest. Starting out in this hobby at 17 I found a LOT of old guys who hoarded parts and wouldn't sell anything or wanted top dollar. Once you got a car together and went to car shows it was more of an old boys club and if you didn't have the perfectly restored nice paint etc no one cared or was interested.

Once I got out of the whole car show trap and just enjoyed my car I had a lot more fun with like minded people.
Haha, I'm one of those older guys, yeah i hate car shows. It seems like some are there to critique your car over goofy **** like " oh look, that's the wrong window washer windshield nozzles". Just a big pissing contest sometimes. Prices for classic cars are way up, but that's the nature of the beast when Detroit stopped making those cars. I do like some of the newer stuff, i have a 2011 Dodge Charger RT. I may put a huffer on it. I hear stuff like those cars are "soulless" etc. You can work on those cars granted minus a carb, and distributor. You can make it your own with cam swaps headers, ported heads, throttle bodies etc. The infinite dumb wisdom of Chrysler killing the Challenger, and Charger for a plug in car. Now that is a car nobody will be able to work on ( talk about "soulless") i still have my 67 Belvedere big block, and I will keep my 11 Charger with it's unlocked ecu. Todays kids ( not all ) look at blue collar work that's something beneath them, good luck with that gender studies degree.
Hey Dick, My fathers name was Richard but everyone called him Dick with great PRIDE ! You are 100% correct as that is the way the socialist school system has been brainwashing them for 40+ years. They have been following the "Saul Elinski" plan of getting everyone in line. By the way I loved your interview with your HEMI car somewhere with your right wing "T" shirt ! Carry on !
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