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Truck in for service: No loaner vehicles available.

Lonar cars are to be beat on savagely...and that includes the cornfield
You'll have that. People drive like idiots especially when the car is different than theirs or simply not theirs.
Yeah, I’ve been with people (especially an old boss who was a POS) having loaner or rental vehicles beat the living hell out of them. One time he had a loaner cuz he NEVER changed the oil in his company car and never checked it. Engine seized up. And he could expense it anyway. I’m not that way, the days of beating up some on my folk’s vehicles as a teen, didn’t last long. Speaking about oil, my daughter just mentioned last week, she works with a gal who wrecked her car and her mother let her use hers, but told her there’s an oil leak and to check it often. Well, she never did and destroyed that engine too.

Some – people..
I finally got a loaner car Saturday. It's a newish Ford Explorer. I contacted the service manager, Don, about it Friday and he picked me up on his way to work Saturday morning to get the Explorer. Don is a good guy with over 20 years as a mechanic. Don drives a 2014 Raptor with a pistol mounted on the driver's side dash; my kind of guy.

He's been arguing with the warranty company over needed repairs but assures me it will get done. Don got the general manager involved.

Interesting note, they're going to raise the truck cab to replace the valve cover, timing chains and tensioners. They also raise the cab for turbo replacement.
I picked up my truck today. The valve cover is on backorder and the warranty company refused to cover the timing chains since the check engine light did not come on.

The service manager was pissed. He said as soon as the light comes on have AutoZone run the scan tool and get a printout. Then when the valve cover is available bring the truck back for all the repairs.
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