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U.S. Horses Terrified Obese Americans Will Need Them For Transportation Again

That fat "influencer" broad on/in the horse story, last night
is way over the 250# std allowed
she is/was stupid, just whining bitching & moaning

I don't blame the dudes' ranch/horse owners one bit
good for them, look out for your animals & livelihood

I'd have pity that poor horse too

I rode a Morgan & I'm 250#s, but they are stout animals
built for bigger people & tasks
not just a-typical quarter horse/mustang
a smaller type, or cheap/er breeds of riding horse/s
I think it was just another stunt perpetrated by a "woker"....
The members of the United States of the Offended party love to stage situations, wherein they
intentionally set up unsuspecting regular Americans for the purpose of generating outrage where
none existed before.
It's nothing more than another chapter of the "let's FIND something new to be offended over!" game
they play regularly - all intended to advance the "Agenda".

It's horseshit - and that lazy, entitled attention whore never had any intentions of learning how to ride.
Been around horses awhile, if you’re to heavy that horse will buck you off quick
This is more her speed methinks...
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