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For the Love for my Father, My 69 GTX Restoration

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Very well deserved recognition for your awesome car Justin. I think the die cast model is just icing on the cake and waaay cool. You have to be getting separation anxiety though, aren't you? I don't recollect if you have another old ride to putt around in while this one is on display?

Thank you very much for the compliments!......I agree the 1:18th scale model is just flat out Awesome......

For awhile there I had bouts of separation anxiety but after visiting the car a few times has changed my outlook.....I have had a bunch of Mopar's through the years....Drag raced them, raced on the street, show cars and one in a museum....At this stage. I am enjoying having one car in a museum at a daily car show and I don't have to lift a finger to detail that........One black car is bad enough to keep looking nice:D
That could be a priceless autograph photo in years to come ...highly collectible:thumbsup:
I was told by a member here via PM today, that 99 out of a 100 people couldn't tell the difference between my restoration and theirs? The GYC cronies are a "little upset"....:D

That was the best humor I had this week so far....Especially, because I have seen that "repro restoration"

Everyone have a good break for you and your families!

Dear Friends.......

I have to remove a vendor from my list here. This would be Tony's Parts. IMHO I cannot support nor recommend someone who does not support our forum. Tony DOES NOT actively support this forum either as becoming vendor(although he posts parts here) or as a gold member and just as a regular member in general...He is not active in any build threads, general technical threads, NOS/OE threads...and many other sections....

The only threads he is active in is his "for sale threads" and SOLELY GYC threads......

This has zero to do with the quality of the parts, he has high quality parts...

I only support vendors that support our wonderful forum!
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Just pre ordered mine. I'll obviously need it autographed! lol
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