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Updated Picture of my Roadrunner 1975


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Dec 22, 2012
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Here is a quick picture of my Roadrunner Saturday as my wife and I were driving around enjoying some fall colors. 75 roadrunner.jpg

- - - Updated - - -

Second shot1975 Roadrunner.jpg

75 roadrunner.jpg 1975 Roadrunner.jpg
looking good looks like you had a nice day ,thanks for sharing :headbang:
I was never a huge fan of the 75 Road Runners, but I have to say this looks really sharp! Nice car and nice background setting too!

I guess the 75's are growing on me, or at least yours shows really well. The red with black hood and white stripe stand out really nicely!

Glad you had it out and were driving it and enjoying it! The way it should be!

Thanks for sharing
Looks very nice drodg. Glad you had a nice time out with the wife and the bird. Not many folks get to do that.

Italics for our British and Canadian friends
The nice days in the Midwest are drawing to a close for the year. I'm thankful for a few extra driving days.
$T2eC16NHJHQE9nzE)jP!BQV3Q!2v7g~~48_20[1].jpgnot sure if some one started a 1975 RR post or not but lets post some photos for those guys ,here's one

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There's one posted on CL

1975 plymouth road runner


1975 factory big block road runner black with silver stipes $3200.00
Here is a quick picture of my Roadrunner Saturday as my wife and I were driving around enjoying some fall colors.

Glad you got to enjoy your great looking ride before old man winter keeps us all indoors. I have not even had mine out of the barn this year at all. It has already been decided that this will be our cruise nite car for next year.


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Not to be a snob or anything but a 75 Roadrunner is right up there with an 84 Corvette. AKA Plymouth Volare.
imagesCAONRFSF.jpgto each his own but I`m liking them 75 RR`s . that's why we live in this great country to pick and choose what we like and what we dis like . we could be collecting and hot rodding this bull **** aren`t you glad you got a choice imagesCAM60MBX.jpg
that's a nice 75 you have post some more :headbang:
It's all good boys, just testing the water. I actually expected more of a feeding frenzy. You guys must be getting old.