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V-RROOM bike motor

Mike Szadaj

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Jan 17, 2019
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St. Clair Shores, Mi
How many of you guys remember these? I found this one at an estate sale. It was in pretty rough shape, but for two bucks I got it thinking I might be able to make it look good again. The motor was in fairly good condition, except for the broken spark plug and missing battery compartment cover. The handle bar mounted controller was basically only half there. I’ve been formulating some ideas on how to make it look presentable. The sound making device is pretty unique, with motor driven plastic round pieces striking a plastic cone. This unique set up not only regulates the speed, but also increases and decreases the volume.



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Now that's a trip back to the mid 60's!
Pretty cool, I had forgot about those along with many others , lol.
I think I am done with the controller. Of course I had to use a Mopar ignition key. Amazingly, I was able to buy reproduction decals. One for the controller and two for the motor. The key cylinder and knob are made of two bottle caps


Good for you!! The older we get, the smaller the hobbies get! Doesn't mean we can't have fun, besides, they take up less space also. I do lamps and car art and then when I have to much I give it away. How much can I really keep. I'm starting a new one in a few weeks. These two are on my desk. That's an old Hemi valve cover and a desk lamp put together. The other is a working parking meter, put 15 cents in for 45 minutes of light. 340 valve cover for a shade.
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How did you get the main body apart? Did you have to drill out the rivets? I have one that barely makes any sound.
Mine had screws in it and can be taken apart. Someone that had it before me drilled out the rivets to repair the timing mechanism. This one is from Chicago, when the old ones became obsolete, rather than trash them the company retooled them for just what I'm doing. I converted mine after seeing one at a fea market.
I bought one off Ebay several years ago. It was almost new looking. I put it on an Evil Kenevil bike that I gave to my great nephew. It no hangs in his dad's man cave. I should have kept them both, I don't think my nephew ever rode it.
Way back then there were still cheap knock-offs of these - along with other toys like the Johnny7.
They were pretty neat!! We had one guy in our group that had one.
How did you get the main body apart? Did you have to drill out the rivets? I have one that barely makes any sound.
Yes, I had to drill out several rivets. It also seems to have been glued at the bottom. I broke the flange trying to separate the halves, but when put back together it is barely noticeable


I guess I’m done. I spray painted the silver areas. I replaced the broken spark plug with an actual one. I used a length of hose for the spark plug wire. I fabricated a battery cover from plastic, and made a hinge for it from a dowel stick and a couple of small pieces of sheet metal. I had to add an on off switch. Then I cobbled together an engine stand. Now I just need an appropriate bike to put it on.