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vin on engine block started what year?


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Mar 22, 2013
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walton ny
I have a 68 RR that the vin decodes to a 68RR 383 4bbl 4 speed with a 3.55:1 sure grip. That is exactly what the car has in it. I looked on the engine block down by the oil pan to see if the numbers there matched the car vin but there were no numbers there at all. were they not there yet in 68? the engine pad on top has D383 and an HP on it. So it should be a RR engine. Is there a way to tell if this is the original engine? the guy I just bought it from has had it setting in his garage since 1993 when he bought it and it hasn't been licensed since 1985.
'68, IF stamped, will be back by the oil pressure sender. Stamped on engine and trans bell housing side by each.
D up by the Distrubutor would indicate 68, some like the one in my sport satellite have it stamped on the block ear by the starter. Mine is a 2bbl engine originally. The engine numbers indicate all aspects of the block spec. 383CID, R is regular fuel, Julian date, build number for the day at the plant.
Thanks guys, I just verified it's a matching numbers 383 car. The numbers on the block back by the oil pressure sending unit match the vin.
383 4 bbl 4 speed 3.55:1 sure grip. the radiator support and quarter panel gutter numbers match the order number on the fender tag also.
For a '68 car you have only the partial vin stamped on the engine, correct?
I.e. E8 123456 (same as in the quarter panel and radiator support)
From what I know is that they started to stamp the full vin in the engine since late '68 up. ('69 model year)
I have a '69 and that does have the full vin in the engine block, above the oil pan rail though.
Congrats, Woody!
As I understand it, midyear production or so of 68, Vin might be found on the back of the block where Woody found it.
Then, early 1969 production had full Vin on the pad above pan rail. Later on, and depending on the plant as to when, abbreviated Vin was used.
My April 69 built lynch road car only has 9Axxxxxx.
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